Laysan Utyasheva, who has "Willpower"

After completing a career in sports, not every athlete can realize himself and apply all his knowledge and skills away from endless championships, competitions and exhausting training. The famous Russian athlete, honored master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, world champion and six-time European champion Lyaysan Utyasheva is a pleasant exception to the rule.

Currently, in addition to working on a dance show Bolero and filming on television together with her husband Pavel Laysan continues to develop the author's project "Willpower" . For me personally, as for a simple layman, this project is an organic combination of opportunities to rebuild your brain and transform your body. This project is about strength, about overcoming, about rehabilitation after a serious injury, about finding a new, harmonious inner self. Perhaps this is the greatest achievement for a great athlete - to do something not related to a professional sports career, to channel your knowledge and all possible resources to enable others to become better.

- Laysan, tell us how the idea of ​​this project came to you?
- In interviews they often asked how I take care of myself, but many publications pedalized only what they were interested in, and presented information in a one-sided way, often without coordinating with me. It was probably time to summarize my experience and the experience of specialists and share it with people lost in the information sea. Once it happened to me, when I weighed 32 kg more. This is how online courses called Willpower came into being. This is a family project that we are working on together with Pavel.

- Project divided into two conditional parts The Brain and The Body. Is it effective to develop one without the other?
- The essence of the project is precisely to pump not only the body, but also the brain. Each participant can choose the course that he needs and is interested in, but we are for comprehensive development.

All courses are available remotely, each program requires a laptop or tablet with Internet access and some free time.

- What courses are currently available on the site and how can you join them?
- Split in 60 days is now available, The Body: start, Online -Marathon Flexibility, Gymnastic ribbon, Nutrition program. At Pasha, you can sign up for Improviser, Humor Stand Up, Humor: Beginning 2.0 and How to understand what you like to do. You can read the description, understand that you need it, and join our courses on the website.

“Improver” are unique efficiency techniques that Pavel Volya has been using for 15 years ... These are exactly the methods that will radically change you and your life for the better.

Pavel Volya about the courseImprover : “I have been ineffective for a very long time. When I lived in Penza, I spent a lot of time on all sorts of nonsense. And when I arrived in Moscow - too. In my opinion, the first couple of years I didn't really do anything at all ... From the moment I cried to the moment I bought an apartment that is more than three times more expensive than the one in which I lived, it took a half of the year. But my result can be measured not only in money. Money is a consequence. I earned them because I became a different person. In fact, my whole life has changed ... ”

- Who helped you in developing the courses for The Brain program?
- The The Brain course is divided into several directions, the main ones are - this is Humor: Beginning and Humor: Stand Up. Good friends of Pasha Volya, the main authors of the Comedy Club show, helped to develop the courses. These are people with many years of practical experience in humor: Alexey Lyaporov, Alexey Poimanov, Ilya Romanko. These are people who feel humor with every cell of their body. You can trust their opinion.

- During the course, participants receive assignments, is there any feedback from you for them?
- Of course! The strongest specialists communicate with all participants in the Willpower: psychologists, nutritionists, psychotherapists. I personally supervise each student. More than 7 thousand people have already completed our course, they are satisfied with the results. We are also preparing a new Women's Club.

- Laysan, tell us what is at the heart of your training? What goals do people who come to your program usually pursue?
- Very different. The most important thing is to set a clear task for myself: I want to remove my beer belly or lose weight in order to improve my personal life and please the opposite sex. Or I need to get in shape because I am interested in healthy offspring and longevity. The main goal is still to become healthier.

Some courses are available on the site for free. Watch.

- How much time per day should you devote to working on your body in order to notice visible results?
- You should devote 15-20 minutes a day to classes. We are gradually increasing the load.

- Is it possible to enroll in the course if it has already started?
- You can enroll in the course, but it is better to do it within the first week from the start of the course ... A new stream starts every two months, and you can always join it.

- Do you agree with the statement that 80% of work on the body is nutrition, and 20% is training?
- We have on Willpower ”there is“ The Body: beginning ”. This course is just about the fact that food lovers also have the opportunity to maintain a beautiful figure. We eat very tasty food, replacing unhealthy sugar with healthy one, and we know when to enjoy delicious.

- Share one piece of advice or life hack that helped you a lot in life.
- The most important thing is not to create any ideals for yourself, but to start with your health.

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