Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

Gymnast and TV presenter Lyaysan Utyasheva has noticeably changed in recent years. She changed her hair color, cut her hair and lost a lot of weight. While some cannot get rid of the quarantine during self-isolation, the former athlete shows excellent self-discipline and regularly keeps herself in shape. The TV star shares effective workouts and recipes for healthy dishes.

How does Laysan Utyasheva train at home?

Since we most often spend time in four walls in a sitting or lying position, it is important to warm up periodically back muscles. Not so long ago, Laysan told subscribers how to relieve tension from a tired lower back and strengthen muscles. Before starting the exercises, the facilitator recommends that you warm up and drink water 20 minutes before the workout.

Stand against the wall

Starting position: stand close to the wall.

This must be done so that the heels, knees, lower back and shoulder blades are pressed against a flat surface. Then we raise our hands above our heads and also lean them against the wall. Laysan recommends standing like this for 100 counts - you can count it with a stopwatch. Exercise not only allows you to feel the lower back, but also to stretch.


Starting position: sit against the wall as if there is a chair under us.

We hold the hip and knee joints at an angle of 90 degrees. Inhale, gently bend the back vertebra by vertebra and stretch the body towards the knees as far as we can. We return to the starting position and exhale. It strengthens the buttocks and knee joints and also stretches the back. We carry out the exercise 5-6 times at the first stage.

Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

Straighten your back: 5 minutes a day for a beautiful posture

Simple exercises to help strengthen muscles, relax and straighten the spine.

Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

Personal experience: how to practice stretching helped me get in shape

Lose a couple of pounds and stay in a healthy and fit body with stretching.

Wrinkle against the wall

Starting position: sit on the floor, straighten your legs and press your straight back against the wall. The stomach is pulled in, we pull the socks towards ourselves.

Gently bend the back, vertebra by vertebra, and try to lie down on our feet. In this case, the lower back should not come off the wall - it is very difficult!

It is best to loop the workout. On the first circle, we linger in each pose for 30 seconds, on the second - a minute, and on the third - one and a half minutes.

Boat with alternating leg raises

Starting position: lie on your stomach, arms extended above your head.

First, raise your right leg and left arm at the same time and try to keep them straight. Then we lower it and perform the same movement.with opposite arm and leg. We do 15 ups on each side.


Starting position: lie down on our stomach, arms extended above the head.

At the same time we raise straight arms and legs, and then lower them. We repeat the movement 15 times. At the same time, we pull the socks and do not bend the knees.


Starting position: we lie on our stomach, arms extended above the head.

At a fairly fast pace, we move the scissors with our legs, and then smoothly connect our arms to the exercise. It will be more effective if we do not lift our head and tilt it down. Then we move on to the next movement: alternately raise and lower straight arms and legs as if floating in water.

In each exercise, you need to achieve a burning sensation of working muscles or a feeling of stretching and relaxation .

Cool Down

At the end of the workout, take a child's pose to stretch your back. Get on your knees, sit on your heels, bend over and stretch your arms forward.

We finish with the kitty exercise. We get on our knees, we rest our hands on the floor. We arch our back as if someone sat on you. Pull the head and neck back. Then we slowly round the back, pull in the stomach. As Laysan ironically remarks, there is a chance that after this exercise you will improve your personal life.


It allows you to get rid of muscle pain after strength loads and completely relax. The gymnast recommends using a massage roller, but warns that at first the sensations may not be very pleasant.

Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

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Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

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Recipes for healthy dishes from the TV presenter

During self-isolation, Laysan shares nutritional tips for maintaining a figure and does not forget to pamper subscribers with recipes for delicious dishes for her men.

In the first week, the gymnast cooked a vegetable - like a casserole or pizza made of vegetables with a potato base. She also made beets with garlic, wild rice with baked carrots, salmon with asparagus, stewed artichokes and fruit smoothies. And in the men's menu she presented her husband's favorite recipes - meat and eggplant baked under onions with homemade mayonnaise and cheese.

Spinach became the hero of the second week. This plant is not only hearty and healthy, but also incredibly tasty. It will also take a little time to cook, you just need to stew the product with garlic on olive But my husband's menu includes chicken legs with a sauce of honey, soy, mustard and salt. Garnish with vegetables.

Laysan Utyasheva manages to lose weight even in quarantine. She has become thinner than Will

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