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Last Moment: Cool Fitness Gift Ideas for Girls

Not only spring holidays are approaching, but also a new sports season. We have collected some interesting sports gadgets and accessories that would be useful to have on hand!

Or on hand

The Runtastic fitness watch is a nice design, spring colors and fitness features in analog version. Outwardly, this is an ordinary watch, but when paired with the application, it works as an activity tracker.

Steps, calories, distance - these are the main metrics that they analyze. An excellent option for those who want to start leading a more active lifestyle, but are not yet ready for systematic training due to circumstances!

Beautiful figure and healthy back

Lumo Lift is a unique miniature assistant which is not just a pedometer. Its main function is a posture corrector. The gadget is elegantly attached to your chest and reminds you to straighten up.

Correct calorie counting

Healbe Gobe is a Russian development that has interested users around the world: the main feature of the gadget is the ability to count calories burned and consumed.

The gadget works on the principle of bioimpedance and allows in real time to keep track of how much and what you eat.

MGB Body

Libra, on the contrary, will help to properly monitor the change “in losses” of all unnecessary and unnecessary. The gift may not be the most delicate, but one of the most useful.

Smart scales MGB will not only help to control weight, but also analyze body composition: they will see the level of fat mass, muscle, mineral composition of the skeleton and hydration.

Vitastiq Vitamin Meter

An innovative and experimental gadget that made a lot of noise in crowdfunding at one time. Vitastiq, like the previous two devices, works on the principle of tissue bioelectric resistance and determines the level of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Safe running headphones

The best way to show your love is to show you care ... Running girls will love to get some secure headphones.

Aftershokz Trekz are not covered ears and allow you to hear not only the sounds of music, but also the sounds of the surrounding world, signals of cars, for example, when it comes to jogging in the city.

Fitness at home

And for home workouts you can donate the prestigious Tangram smart rope.

In addition to storing training statistics, the number jumps, such a rope is equipped with a strip of diodes that "draw" statistics in the air right in real time.

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