Kudryavtseva vs. Donskova. Choosing the most beautiful spa twine from champions

At the Championship, voting continues for the most spectacular gymnastic stretching. Each athlete demonstrates impressive acrobatic skills and perfect splits in the video. And you can choose the video that you like the most.

Kudryavtseva vs. Donskova. Choosing the most beautiful spa twine from champions

10 spectacular splits from professional gymnasts. Choosing the most impressive stretch

These girls know exactly how to use their flexibility.

Two girls who have won gold in the world championships and ascended to the Olympic are taking part in our battle pedestal. Yana Kudryavtseva and Ulyana Donskova showed that they do not throw stretching classes even in sunny resorts, and good flexibility adorns photos and videos from a long-awaited vacation. Let's figure out which of the champions is cooler?

Spectacular stretching straight from Dubai

Yana Kudryavtseva is the youngest gymnast to become the absolute world champion. She won the all-around at age 15. Now the girl is 22 years old, and by this time she had won the world championship 13 times. And in 2016, the athlete took silver at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Not so long ago, Kudryavtseva ended her professional career and decided to devote more time to her family. At the end of 2018, Yana and her husband, hockey player Dmitry Kugryshev, became parents for the first time. The girl quickly returned to her sports form and is now expecting a baby again.

The fact that the champion has not lost her acrobatic skills is definitely proved by a video from last year's family vacation in the UAE. On it, Kudryavtseva in a sky blue swimsuit performs a split, standing on one leg and maintaining balance. The element looks very elegant, especially against the backdrop of sunny Dubai and white sand. And we can only envy such stretching and breathe at the former opportunity to travel.

Kudryavtseva's skills impressed Internet users so much that some of them suggested that she return to big sports.

Maybe back in gymnastics? - Yana's subscriber asked on Instagram with the nickname protasova_pro_stretching_.

Come on, Yana, Tokyo-2020 is waiting for you, - the girl with the nickname todorova_iliana spoke in English.

Kudryavtseva vs. Donskova. Choosing the most beautiful spa twine from champions

Yana Kudryavtseva: my most important victory in life is my family

There is life after the end of a sports career, and she will tell you what it is.

Solar exercises on the shore of a lake in Croatia

Another participant in the voting, Ulyana Donskova, also became the winner of the world championships more than once. But the athlete's main award is gold at the 2012 Olympics in London. However, immediately after the games, the girl ended her career pran official gymnast. Now Ulyana is 27 years old, she is married to ex-CSKA hockey player Ruben Begunets. Together, the couple are raising a young son who was born in 2015.

After leaving from big sport, Donskova decided to try herself in a new role. She joined Herman Sidakov's drama school to learn acting. Despite the cardinal change of activity, the girl continues to stretch regularly, not missing sessions even on vacation.

For example, last summer Ulyana was in Croatia and shared a video of morning exercises with subscribers. The girl trained on a pier by a picturesque lake. She skillfully performed the acrobatic element in the headstand. Moreover, the athlete complicated her task by adding dynamics. Kudryavtseva made smooth transitions from longitudinal to transverse twine and back.

The gymnast's fans never ceased to be amazed at how well she kept balance. You can always watch this action, how awesome you are with your body, - wrote an Instagram user with the nickname ignatovomilk.

Kudryavtseva vs. Donskova. Choosing the most beautiful spa twine from champions

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Hold on tight: splits in the subway

Another video from Ulyana is participating in our battle - this time, not from a vacation. The athlete quite often publishes humorous sketches on social networks in which she shows good flexibility in various life situations.

On one of the videos, Donskova is riding the subway and reading a book, doing a split on one leg. The girl's calmness is interrupted at the first stop at the station. Her stretch attracted the attention of men passing by, and they just decided to take Ulyana out of the car - for fun. Well, here we can only advise you to hold on tight and wish the ex-gymnast to develop successfully in an interesting direction for her.

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