Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

Without a doubt, returning to big sport after a long break requires perseverance and diligence. History knows many examples when athletes failed to get in the required shape and bring themselves to their previous level. However, modern medicine and skilled work of coaches help players avoid career failures. A striking example was the footballer Alexander Kokorin , who, after being released from prison, returned to Zenit, played the first match, almost went to Sochi and will now end the season at Zenit-2. Here's how the attacker managed to get in shape in a short time.

Return: from the pre-trial detention center to Zenit

On September 17, 2019, Kokorin left correctional colony No. 4 in Alekseevka on parole. On the same day, the footballer's lawyer announced the signing of a new contract with Zenit, and the club stressed that it had submitted an application to the RFU for registration of the striker to participate in the Russian Championship. It was from that moment that his persistent work on his physical condition began.

Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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Many people remember how Alexander looked during the trial. The footballer himself later admitted that during that period of his life he did not follow the diet at all and was constantly in a stressful state, which, of course, affected his appearance.

Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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Cardio, strength and endurance: Kokorin's training plan

The training of football players does not imply everyday classes in the gym. More emphasis is placed on exercises to develop speed, agility, and ball handling. Returning to the team's location, Alexander, together with his personal trainer, began examining and active training in order to get rid of extra pounds in a short time.

First of all, Kokorin paid special attention to cardio training, endurance exercises, flexibility and team play. But he did not forget about classes in the gym. In the early days after his release, the footballer worked diligently on an individual strength training program led by a female instructor. The athlete performed the following exercises :

  • bench press, lying on a flat bench - 2 sets x 8 reps;
  • seated barbell press - 3 x3-8;
  • standing close grip barbell row - 3 x 8;
  • Raising the shoulders with a barbell in lowered hands - 3 x 12;
  • straightening the elbows with a barbell standing (French press) - 3 x 8;
  • Bent-over Barbell Row - 3 x 6;
  • standing barbell curl (biceps) - 3 x 8;
  • Back Squat - 4 x 6-8;
  • Seated Leg Straightening - 3 x 12;
  • Lying Leg Curl - 2 x 12;
  • Rise on socks with a barbell on the back - 3 x 12;
  • Deadlift - 4 x 6-8;
  • Raising the body from a prone position on an incline bench - 2 x 30.

Already a month after his release from the pre-trial detention center, Kokorin held the first training session in the Zenit general group in Specific park. Up to this point, he has been honing his technique from the second team club. And at the beginning of January this year, Alexander went to the first Zenit winter training camp in Qatar. By the way, it will not fly to the second in Spain.

Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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Back on the field: scissors goal and Kokorin's hat-trick

The result of training is not made myself wait a long time. During the winter break in the Russian championship, Kokorin finally joined the classes in the general group of football players.

Of course, Alexander understands that returning to the ranks is a responsible task that requires maximum efficiency in friendly matches and actions in training. Therefore, the striker from the first days of the winter training camp decided to conquer not only the head coach, but also the hearts of the fans. At first, he scored the only goal scored in a two-sided practice match.

And soon he delighted football fans, scoring the ball with a scissor kick.

The footballer exceeded the listed achievements first in a friendly match against the Qatari team of Al-Uwainah. The striker scored a hat-trick and gave an assist, all in the first 45 minutes.

Kokorin is back in the game. How the striker got back into shape

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