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Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

Kiss Cam, or camera for kissing, is a popular game played at sporting events around the world. The bottom line is that during the pauses, the camera operator finds the lovers on the podium and displays the picture on the media cube. Then the couple should kiss. The main goal of such entertainment is not to let sports fans get bored in those moments when nothing is happening on the court.

Lately, you will not surprise spectators with a regular kissing camera. After all, every time everything happens according to the standard scheme: first, people are surprised to find themselves on the big screen, then they kiss and everything is repeated anew with the next fans. We have collected for you the most memorable cases of non-standard use of the Kiss Cam.

Selfie from a sad Toronto fan

Quite recently, on November 17, a rather funny episode that happened during a match got into the camera lens NHL between Toronto and Pittsburgh. The young fan of the losing Toronto was smiling while the girl was taking pictures with him. But as soon as the selfie was taken, the guy's face instantly frowned. The smile was replaced by such sadness that the young man immediately became famous. The video was watched about 30 million times in just a week.

Cheating at NBA matches

Often, real dramas are played out on the kissing camera. Such an incident occurred during a break in a basketball game between the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets. The guy who came to the match with his soul mate refused to kiss her when they hit the big screen. However, his companion was not taken aback and offered to kiss another man sitting next to him.

This episode was not the only one when ladies quickly changed companions. A similar situation occurred at the New York Knicks' game against the Houston Rockets. The guy ignored his girlfriend's desire to play along with Kiss Cam, sticking to his mobile phone. Surprised (but not confused!), The cheerleader turned to her neighbor and kissed him.

Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

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Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

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Pizza, beer or a kiss ?

Some visitors to the matches have no time for girls. So a fan of the Slovak national hockey team when he appeared on the screene Kiss Cam, instead of his companion, kissed a glass of beer, and then drained it instantly.

But in the next video in a similar situation has already hit the girl. During the break of the Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics basketball game, the kissing camera aimed at her, although she was without a companion. However, the operator was right: it looks like this cheerleader has such a strong love for pizza that many would envy their relationship. They joke on social media that they would like to find someone who loves them as much as this lady loves pizza.

Stars in the kissing chamber

Often celebrities also get into the camera lens ... For example, at an Indian Wells tennis match in California, boxer Mike Tyson and his wife Lakia were hit on the Kiss Cam. The other half kissed Mike at a time when he had not yet noticed that they were shown on the big screen. He immediately kissed his wife tenderly back. And only then I realized that the whole stadium saw it. The boxer was so embarrassed by what had happened that he caused affection for the entire female audience.

Marriage proposal in Kiss Cam

Sometimes fans use the kissing camera, if not for its intended purpose, then at least in a romantic way. The young man, taking advantage of the opportunity, decided to offer the hand and heart of his beloved. But the congratulatory push in the back from the neighbor became fatal: the wedding ring fell out of the groom's hands. As a result, no kiss, no offer, no ring - the remaining time the camera filmed only the search for jewelry.

Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

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Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

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Harsh kissing camera in Chelyabinsk

A kiss at a basketball game in Chelyabinsk ended with ... a fight! The guy, noticing that he and the girl are shown on the big screen, tried to kiss his companion. However, she did not approve of such an act, charging a slap in the face to the unfortunate romantic. He answered, and a scuffle ensued.

Dancing guard at Cupid's match

In 2016, at the match of Khabarovsk Cupid, the kissing camera showed a guard who, during the break, lit up to Michael's song Jackson is as good as cheerleaders. The video immediately went viral. And the stadium employee himself noted that he just decided to warm up.

And finally, we'll give you some tips on how to get into the kissing camera lens. Firstly, fans are most often filmed in club paraphernalia, so you should stock up on it before the match. Secondly, the operators are trying to find bright and extraordinary fans. Costumes, makeup and posters will help you with this. And the third rule - the operator must understand that you are a couple. Therefore, you can hold hands and hug during the match. Give it a try and you might be the star of the Kiss Cam next time!

Kiss Cam: what to do if you hit the lens during a match

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