Kirill Nagiyev: snowboarding is rap

Every person who has ever visited Quiksilver New Star Camp definitely deserves a separate interview. Every year the camp gathers on its site a huge number of interesting and dissimilar riders. For them, this meeting is not just a banal closing of the next season, it is an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people, get high at a jib-contest, come off at a party to the beats of their favorite DJs and breathe in the spring mood without taking off their shoes and without putting the board on the far shelf.

DJ, actor and blogger Kirill Nagiyev is one of the camp regulars. We managed to meet with him personally and talk about the love of boards, the get-together and St. Petersburg kitesurfing.

- Kirill, in your arsenal you have experience of riding not only on a board, but also on a kite, longboard. How did this love of boards come about? Where did you start?
- I have been snowboarding all my life, from 12 years old. Then I switched to skate, BMX and everything else. It's a lifestyle for me.

- How do you feel about all this street culture? What is happening now?
- Now a new generation is coming, and maybe I am already like an old man saying something like: In our time there were normal parties. Now everything has become more massive. There is no longer such that snowboarders are black sheep on the slope. This is already familiar. In my opinion, it's all about the style: real riders are immediately visible. Today, unfortunately, there are more people who change once a year for a week or two in snowboard suits. And the first ones are getting smaller.

- Did you have any stories that inspired you at the very beginning of your journey, when you just got on the board? This was exactly the time when the first cassettes with different action films appeared.
- I was more inspired by the example of friends than by some cult riders. At our school, high school students began to ride snowboards. My friend just rode and took us little ones. Probably, since then I fell in love with the image of scum - as snowboarders were called earlier.

- How did you get up to kitesurfing?
- This is our local entertainment. Petersburg, in principle, is considered the capital of Russian kitesurfing, so it was impossible not to get up on it. I think that sooner or later everyone will try it or come to the conclusion that this is the freakiest thing of all boards that can be.

- The capital of kitesurfing? Interesting.
- Yes, in St. Petersburg there are all conditions to learn to ride in the summer. This year we even hosted the Russian surfing championship. Just in front of our kitesurfing station.

- How affordable is it to go kitesurfing in St. Petersburg?
- You can look at the set of equipment somewhere on Avito, for example, to make it cheaper, and the rest depends only on desire and availabilityiya time. Because you need to constantly monitor the wind. Come at every, even false, impulse.

- Approximately how many days fall during the summer to ride?
- This year there were 34 days. I haven't missed a single one.

- You watch your physical form or is everything achieved only thanks to your hobbies?
- Only thanks to skating. I don't like to train without a goal. If you improve in something, in some sport that interests you, then the body changes. Only for general physical fitness I go sometimes to pull up or do something like that.

- If we talk about the philosophy of street culture, what is the most valuable for you?
- You skate , you don't harm anyone. Pure rap, hustle. This way you move around the area, over the spot, over the water. I compare skating to rap. It inspires me a lot. This is some kind of inner freedom that you need to keep in yourself. You can't lose rap in your endeavors.

- Do you skate to some music? Is the musical accompaniment important to you, or is it more pleasant to skate alone with your thoughts?
- It doesn't matter at all. I love to ride in the company. Especially in the woods, in the powder. I was made for this. I don't enjoy anything more than this. And good company is a bonus.

- What were the coolest freeride spots? Where would you like to return?
- Naturally, Rosa Khutor, it is true, all conditions and interesting tracks have been created here. In general, I really liked it in Bulgaria, in the resort of Bansko. There is a gorgeous mountain, a lot of powder and young people. Very fun.

- Many freeriders train on the ground, study the terrain before descending. Do you somehow try to protect yourself on the slope?
- The most important thing is to ride with a person who knows the way. Especially in poor visibility and heavy snowfall. Be sure to have a guide with you or a person who lives there permanently. I try not to go out alone. I only recently realized how important this is. As they say, surfing never alone. And this is absolutely true.

- Are there any places where mountains that you have not yet reached, but really want?
- I really want to ride in Georgia or in the Himalayas, in India. It is very difficult to get there, but there are good ski resorts. I lived in the state of Himachal Pradesh for a long time, and now there was a desire to return there and ride. Back in Japan. Wherever there is a cool freeride, I would like to try to ride.

- Tell us about the Soul Camp project? What does it mean to you and how did such an idea come about?
- The idea does not belong to me, I may be one of the inspirers. It's just that from our youth we always went to Karelia to rest. At some point, it grew into a desire to invite friends. More and more people gathered, in the end they made a camp. There are no vacancies this year. Lait starts in mid-May.

- Do you take your gadgets at the entrance?
- Never in my life. This is a bike. We have solar panels, different equipment. You can take gadgets with you, it just doesn't catch anything. We want to supply an amplifier this year. We do not have a goal to disable someone. The tents themselves look like a five-star hotel inside, so many people also want Wi-Fi.

- What sensations do people go to your camp for?
- It seems like a tent here with friends, and it seems fashionable. That is why it is called glamping - glamorous camping. I don't like this word.

- What activities are there at the camp?
- There is a rental of ATVs, kayaks, fishing. There is a bathhouse on the island, which I personally built with a friend. This became the highlight of the camp. Although the bathhouse was not originally planned, I built it at the last moment before the opening.

- Do you yourself take part in these entertainments?
- These are my things, I rent them. Therefore, of course, I ride, I lead excursions in Karelia. We have tours, we gather groups of people of four ATVs, I'm in the fifth. We take people to places of interest. When I'm there, I do it. When the wind blows, I'm in St. Petersburg.

- What advice would you give to guys who have not yet dared to get on a kite or go out of town with friends for a long period?
- If there is desire, one must give everything in order to fulfill it. Always strive for someone. Always find someone who skates better than you and try to skate with him. This is the most important key to success. This is the only way to develop. There is no other way to snowboard or kite. You just look and repeat. I myself only realized this by the age of 25.

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