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Kim is swimming. Legendary Great White Shark Swim

On August 8, 2015, Kimberly Chambers became the first girl to swim 48 kilometers in 17 hours and 12 minutes. Before Kim, only four were able to do this, and they were men. The marathon swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is rightfully considered one of the most difficult and dangerous in the world. The swim that Chambers went through goes through the red triangle in Northern California. This area is known worldwide for its high shark attack rate.

When Kim was due to swim, she was warned that the white sharks that inhabit the red zone had returned ahead of time. The swimmer was asked to give up her risky challenge, but she did not. Chambers nevertheless swam the entire distance and became the first girl in the world who was able to do this. Kim believes that it was fear that helped her overcome all difficulties before and during the swim:

Each of my swims is a unique journey. But this one was very risky, scary, and that's why I had to swim it. I was scared of sharks, scared of failure, but I was able to push myself and swam the marathon. After all, I had to understand what I was capable of. I love my life and feel like I am living life to the fullest when I experience such scary moments. Everyone is afraid, but it is when you step over fear that you realize what you really are capable of.

In October 2017, the documentary Kim Swims was released, which tells the true story of Kimberly Chambers, the first woman to swim 48 kilometers through dangerous and cold waters. As the swimmer admitted, she could not even imagine that a movie could be made about her.

Kim is swimming. Legendary Great White Shark Swim

Photo: From Kim's personal archive

Swimming taught me to be in the present. I feel like an astronaut of the sea. In an environment where there are no people and only dolphins accompany me. There I am so close to the sea lions and seals that I can see their eyelashes. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would do this, they would have called him crazy. I found something that makes my heart flutter.


Kim started swimming in 2009, then swimming helped her start a new life. She was only 30 when she fell down the stairs and suffered a severe leg injury. As a result, the woman underwent several operations and underwent physical therapy for two years. The doctors' forecasts were disappointing - only 1 percent of the probability that she will be able to walk without assistance, because the injury almost led to the amputation of the leg.

You will never think that a fall can be a decisive moment in your life, rather, a car accident or something like that. But that's when I realized what I was made of.

Soon she started swimming to recover, and after that, Kim sailed many challenging marathons, including in the Strait of Gibraltar and Hawaii.

In 2011, Kim wanted to swim through the English Channel alone, but was ill prepared and finished the marathon halfway.

I was offended, embarrassed and angry, but I was not ready. I returned there in September 2013 to do it again.

She swam in difficult conditions, through cold waters, overcoming physical and psychological fatigue. She swam in dangerous bays full of jellyfish and sharks, but she never gave up. Now Kim is almost 40 years old and she intends to continue swimming in extreme conditions.

I love the feeling of anticipation that comes from a huge scary event on the horizon. at such moments I feel a taste for life. I'm looking for a new challenge right now!

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