RAK Half Marathon: Peres Jepchirchir broke World Record

Kenyan Perez Dzhepchirchir became the fastest runner in the half marathon

Perez Djepchircir went down in history as the world's fastest half marathon runner after setting a record time in the Czech running half marathon in Prague.

Perez covered the distance in 1:05:34. She broke the previous record of 1:06:11, set by Netsanet Gudeta of Ethiopia at the 2018 World Half Marathon Championships. And this was not the first Jepchirchir record.

The beginning of a career and the first successes

In February 2017, the athlete showed the best result in the mixed - both men and women compete - half marathon in Ras el -Jaime in the United Arab Emirates, covering the distance of 21.1 kilometers in 1:05:06.

Perez was carried away by running at school - at that time, the young runner was inspired by the achievements of Mary Keitani, a Kenyan athlete who At that time, she was the owner of the world record in half marathon.

The athlete began to participate in races in 2013 at the age of 20. Her professional running career began with two victories in the 10 km distance in South Africa and third place in the marathon in Kisumu in her native Kenya.

In 2014, Jepchirchir decided to switch to cross-country running: in the same For a year she managed to get a silver medal in the Kenya cross-country championship - it was her first major victory at the national level.

Perez's abilities were noticed by the team of Gianni Demadonna, a famous Italian cross-country runner. Then the girl began to be invited to larger races of the international level. By the end of 2014, the athlete won three races in a row in France.

Half Marathon in Prague and a new world record

As Perez told in an interview with the Championship, she began to prepare for the September race back in February. Although at that time her goal was the Boston Marathon, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Perez: I had to change the system a little. In the last days before the start, I felt great, I knew that I was well prepared, but, of course, I was a little worried. I just waited for everything to happen.

The Czech half marathon turned out to be more than successful for the athlete: she managed to overcome the distance in the shortest time and set a new world record. According to the athlete, the new adidas adizero adios pro played a big role in her victory.

Perez: After the race, I was even more inspired, because I knew that I ran well. I set a record among women, and when I realized this, I was incredibly happy. Winning has been the goal of my whole life. When I was running, I listened only to my body, my sensations and knew that I could only rely on myself.

Kenya's Peres Jepchirchir breaks the women only world records in Prague Half Marathon

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