How to get LEAN LEGS like Kendall Jenner | Leg slimming workout

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips

Beautiful and slender legs are the dream of any girl. But it is not so easy to bring it to life. For many, the buttocks and hips are the most problematic areas. If you do not pay enough attention to them during training, excess fat and cellulite may appear, and the skin will become flabby.

The muscles of the inner thigh are most likely to lose tone, and they should definitely not be forgotten. There are many exercises specifically for this group - with elastic bands, gymnastic balls. However, there is a simpler, but no less effective way to keep your legs in good shape - special plie squats. We will tell you how to put your hips in order after quarantine without sports equipment, without leaving home.

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips


From France with love: what is plie

The word plie itself came to Russian from French - plié - and is translated as flexion. This ballet term refers to the flexion of one or both legs, as well as the squat, and is one of the basic elements of classical choreography. In ballet, plie is necessary to perform other dance movements - many jumps and rotations begin or end with this element.

Plie helps to make the articular-ligamentous apparatus more elastic, develops mobility in the hip and knee joints, increases jumping ability due to stretching achilles tendon, and also allows you to develop the muscles of the inner thigh.

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips

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These exercises will help you feel more confident.

In classical dance, there are several types of plie: they differ in the position of the legs (positions) and the depth of the squat. However, in fitness, as a rule, the so-called grand plie is taken as a basis - a deep squat with legs wide apart. This is exactly what makes the exercise different from classic squats.

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips


How to perform plie correctly

The starting position for plie is a straight body, legs are at their maximum width, feet are turned toes out. Hands can be placed at chest level or placed on the waist.

From this position, you need to slowly lower the pelvis while inhaling until the line of the thighs is parallel to the floor. Linger in this position for a few seconds - the duration of the delay is individual and depends on physical fitness. As you exhale, return to the starting position and repeat the squat.

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips

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A complex approach of several actions will help to cope with the flaw.

When performing the exercise, it is important to watch your back - it should remain straight, fall neither forward nor back notI am. You should also pay special attention to the knees. They should not go beyond the toe of the foot. During plie, the shoulders are not rounded, they remain straight, and the chest is straightened.

Kendall Legs: Squat Exercise for Nice Hips

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A complex approach is needed for rounded shapes - we were convinced of this together with a fitness trainer.

Plie, like other squats, is most effective if performed with sets. In turn, the number of repetitions in each of them should be adjusted in accordance with physical fitness. If desired, the exercise can be made more difficult by picking up dumbbells for weight, using an elastic band or, for example, adding leg swings after each squat.

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