Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Each sport has its own legends, those whose careers have changed it beyond recognition. When it comes to surfing, that kind of person is Kelly Slater .

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Surfer Kelly Slater

Photo: Kelly Slater's personal archive

First Wave

Slater's life from the very beginning was connected with the ocean - his father owned fishing shop in Florida, and Kelly spent a lot of time on the beach. At the age of five, he first stepped on the board and began his path in sports.

As a child, Kelly Slater excitedly read surfing magazines, looked at photographs taken in Hawaii, and dreamed of being there one day. At the age of 12, he won an amateur competition and received the main prize - a trip to the coveted spot. Since then, Kelly has continued to develop and devoted all his free time to training to become the best on the beach very soon.

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photo: press- Quiksilver service

Slater was not planning to stop there and was gaining more and more importance in the surfing world. By the age of 18, he became a celebrity, now his photographs adorned the covers of magazines that he read as a child. He became a pro rider for the clothing and equipment brand - Quiksilver. Kelly Slater is the fifth athlete and the first amateur athlete to be sponsored by the company. The collaboration between Kelly and Quiksilver lasted 23 years.

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Kelly Slater's records

At the age of 20, Slater took part in the World Surf League for the first time and immediately won this competition. Thus, he set his first record - becoming the youngest world champion.

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photo: cover of Interview magazine

There was a long way ahead of him, he was to become the 11-time winner of the world championship. But if you told someone about this in 1999, the interlocutor would be very surprised, because then the six-time world champion Kelly Slater announced his retirement.

Incredible comeback. They waited for him, and he returned

After a long pause, the triumphant surfer returned to the sport. It was 2002, and it took him three more years to regain his shape and take a new champion title. Then, in 2005, he secured another record - two 10-point passes - the maximum number of points in one attempt.

Kelly continued to dominate, year after year he became the best in surfing. In 2011, Slater broke another record - he became the oldest world champion. This victory was accompanied by a very unpleasant story. Many fans expected the 10-time world champion to bethe best. And at the moment when it seemed that everything was decided and Kelly was already holding the cup in his hands, the organizers of the competition announced an error in the scoring system. Slater had to prove his victory in order to become the 11-time champion. This episode of his life is shown in the Russian film On the Wave.

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photo: Quiksilver press service

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Clash of Legends. Kelly Slater vs Andy Irons

After returning to the sport, Kelly could not win the world championship for three years, all this time Andy Irons became the best. It was he who was Slater's main rival throughout his career. Despite the harsh struggle during the competition and the attempts of journalists to play off the two legends, the athletes, as they themselves have stated more than once, maintained friendly relations.

The rivals breathed in each other's back until 2009, then Irons took a break in career. A year later, he returned, fans expected the famous confrontation to resume, but this was no longer destined to happen. The rivalry between the two surf legends was unexpectedly interrupted by Andy's death. It happened on November 2, 2010, the body was found by employees of a hotel in Texas. Cause of death is indicated by drug overdose. The incident shocked everyone. A few days later, Slater won his 10th World Cup victory and dedicated it to his deceased friend. The film The Fly in Champagne was filmed about their confrontation in 2009.

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photo: backstage of the series Rescuers Malibu

No board: a movie, a rock band and a book of her own

Kelly Slater always had something to do on the beach. Despite his successes in sports, he continued to do well in school. Kelly received his law degree in 2004 without interrupting his sports career. Teaming up with other surfers, Slater formed a rock band that recorded a studio album. And during a break in his career, he wrote an autobiography titled Dream Wave: The Surfer's Way.

The surfing star has appeared a huge number of times on TV screens, in documentaries and feature films. In addition, he was invited to take part in the voice acting of the cartoon Catch the Wave. Probably Kelly's most famous screen appearance was her role in several seasons of Rescuers Malibu.

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photos : Rescue Malibu backstage

Kelly's boardshorts and lycra from the cult series on the Quiksilver website .

Shortly before before work on the feature film began, Kelly Slater himself had to remember his youth. He saw how a two-year-old child and his mother were covered with a nine-meter wave, and, without hesitation, rushed to help. Nobody would have known about this story if it had not been for the father of the family, who told about what happened in hisInstagram.

The athlete was noted in another industry - Kelly became the main character in the game Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer . Slater is believed to have introduced skateboard-style tricks to surfing, which is why his hero was added to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 .

Kelly Slater. The Man Who Changed Everything ... in Surfing

Photo: from the game Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Despite the fact that Kelly Slater has retired, he remains an idol for most people who are partial to surfing. Undoubtedly, with his performances, he divided the history of this sport into before and after.

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