How to Fix Your Posture in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

They are greeted by clothes - and by posture too. Straightened shoulders add grace and self-confidence to us, but it turns out that an even back is the result of not only a habit, but also a person's emotional state at a certain moment. Understanding how posture is formed and what you can do to stop slouching.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

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Emotion control

Osteopath Vladimir Zhivotov in the blog for Marie Claire magazine spoke about the reasons for the formation of posture, as well as gait and posture. Emotions are reflected not only on the face, but also on the human body. In case of stress or other unpleasant situation, a person, without noticing it, squeezes - the shoulders drop or vice versa, unnaturally rise, the back is humped, the head tilts forward. Conversely, the sight of a person filled with joy screams about his happiness: he straightens, his head stretches up. Therefore, one of the basic rules in the struggle for a beautiful posture is to try to look for positive moments in any situation.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day


Comfort versus appearance

Apart from the emotions that can turn you into Quasimodo in the blink of an eye, posture curvature comes from the fact that such a position becomes as comfortable as possible and natural for the body.

If we see, for example, a man sitting in a transport, who in some strange way intertwines his arms or legs or takes a pose that is somewhat unnatural in our opinion, we must understand: for him this is the position is most comfortable, so his muscles are best unloaded. Therefore, I would not say that posture is wholly and completely under the arbitrary control of our consciousness, - Zhivotov writes.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

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Slouching is not a sentence

However, there are ways to force yourself to keep your back straight. Of course, you can trivially practice, but it is best to create the right conditions in addition to this. The following simple tips will help you regain a beautiful posture.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day


Train and stretch

Pay attention to physical activity, because it is difficult for flabby, unworked muscles to keep your back straight. Particular attention should be paid to the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, the broadest muscles of the back, lower back and hips. Stretching should also be practiced - flexibility exercises will help relieve tension from the back and neck.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

Another important piece of advice from Zhivotov concerns a sleeping place. Perfectly matched pillows and mattress will help your muscles recover better during the night, and your good condition will make it much easier for your body to stay upright, says the osteopath.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

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Organize a workplace

A well-organized workplace is one of the success factors in the fight against stoop. Is it comfortable for you to sit at the computer? To make it comfortable, you need to follow a few rules.

  • Adjust the height of the chair so that the height of the table is as comfortable as possible for working. In this case, it will be ideal if the knees when sitting are at or slightly above the hips. Otherwise, they will pull the whole body along with them and the back will quickly get tired. The back of the chair should be tilted slightly forward.
  • Place the monitor at arm's length so that the top of the screen is at eye level. This eliminates the need to lean forward towards the monitor and does not put unnecessary strain on your back.
Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

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Take breaks

Get in the habit of taking short breaks from work every 45-60 minutes, otherwise your body will be overloaded , will get tired by the end of the day and will begin to slouch involuntarily.

Look in the mirror

Don't pass mirrors - just the sight of your stooped back will make you straighten your shoulders. Pull your head back, keep your back straight, pull in your stomach, shoulders back and down. This position may seem unusual, but it looks much better than a hump.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day

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Put your head in place

Beautiful posture depends a lot on the position of the head. As soon as you lower your head, both shoulders and back stretch down behind it. To understand the correct position, it is enough to stand close to the wall, touching the surface with the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks and calves. Wait a little and memorize your pose. Move away from the wall and walk around without changing your body position. Do you remember? Now remind yourself more often how to hold your head and back correctly - the muscles will remember your experiment and take the right position.
There are other ways - to imagine that you are holding on your head a weighty volume of War and Peace, for example. Or that your shoulder blades are taped together.

Keeping your back: 8 tips to stop slouching throughout the day


Go for gimmicks

News anchors go for a simple trick so as not to inadvertently slouch in the frame - they sit on the edge of a chair. SoThus, the body is forced to constantly balance, which means, to keep the back straight.
Another option is similar to the drawings, according to which first-graders are taught to sit at the desk correctly. One leg is under the chair, the other is extended forward. This position will help maintain balance and not slouch.

Copy cats

Owners of cats and dogs know how sweet their pets stretch after sleep. Our smaller brothers do it for a reason - the muscles get tired of being in one position for a long time. And it is useful for us humans to stretch not only in the morning, but every time we get out of a chair.

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