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Keep it up Britney! The singer shares the results of her workouts

Not so long ago, Britney Spears, who frightened fans with her appearance, was able to surprise her subscribers even more. However, this time in a positive way: the singer began to lead a healthy lifestyle and took up her body closely. And the result was not long in coming. Now the star can boast photos in a swimsuit and not be afraid of annoying paparazzi on the beach.

How does Britney Spears train?

What is the secret of such changes? Not so long ago, Britney became interested in acroyoga. She doesn’t miss the opportunity to work out in the fresh air.

The singer is now preparing to release new show, so she will definitely need a good shape.

Spears works with light weights in training. So it makes the muscles tense and burn the stored calories. Britney regulates the process of losing weight due to changes in nutrition. Now she tries to eat more vegetables and fruits. As the singer herself says, she feels great at the same time.

Britney regularly shares with fans of the sports experience. She admits that she hates cardio. Nevertheless, such exercises are necessarily included in her training plan. She begins to work in the gym with 10-15 minutes on the treadmill and ends with strength stretching and cardio.

What did Britney look like before?

Back in early 2019, fans were watching the visibly tarnished and plump singer. Britney had mental problems, because of which she even ended up in the hospital. Officials said rehabilitation was necessary due to the stress associated with the father's illness. However, given Spears' turbulent past, the media did not believe this information, so they published other versions.

Perhaps Britney's transformations are related to well-being in her personal life. Their relationship with Sam Asgari has been going on since late 2016. The man himself does not forget about regular training, which uniquely motivates his beloved. And while the singer's fans are scolding and praising her appearance, the couple seems to do not care.

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