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Katya Shengelia: There are no age restrictions in skateboarding

The talented and ambitious Katya Shengelia started skating when she was only 14 years old, and for more than 10 years the girl has been successfully performing at all-Russian and international skateboarding competitions. Now Katya is one of the most famous athletes in Russia. And this is not surprising, because she was even born on June 21 - International Skateboarding Day.

We met with Katya and found out how she started skating and performing, her plans for the future, training and the development of skateboarding culture in Russia.

- Katya, how are you started skating?
- From the very childhood I was a sports girl. Together with my brother, we played football and basketball. Sometimes he told me that I couldn't do something, for example a somersault, so of course I took it and did it (smiles). I've always liked exciting things. True, I did not get up on the skate right away, at first a snowboard appeared in my life. And then the guys on the slope advised me to ride a board in the summer. So I first got on a skateboard when I was 14 years old. Then I found out that on my birthday (June 21), Skateboarding Day is celebrated all over the world. I went up to my mother and thanked her. It seems she didn't even understand why (laughs).

- When did you realize that you want to do this all your life?
- As I said, at first I fell in love snowboard. I even followed the weather forecast to determine when the first snow would fall and it would be possible to ride (laughs). And after two years on the slope I decided to try skateboarding. At first I combined skate and snowboard, then after that I completely switched to skateboard. The choice was made!

- What sports did you play as a child?
- At school I played football, basketball, volleyball, sambo, track and field athletics, parkour, even rock climbing for several years. For some time, ballroom and sports dances.

- Tell me, when did you start participating in the competition?
- At the age of 18 I got to the first international competition in Prague. Of course, before that I took part in smaller contests in Russia.

- And what moment became a new starting point for you in your career?
- I think participation in X-Games - the most memorable moment. The first time I got there was in 2015. They were in Texas and it was very hot there. We went, rode and got into SLS. SLS is a street league, a very high level competition for any skateboarder. While the X-Games includes competition for all extreme sports, SLS is the worldwide street competition series for professional skaters only. They go in several stages, and getting there is very difficult.

- Probablyoh, after this training has become even more! How many times a week can I see you on the board?
- I skate until I lose my pulse. It's not hard for me, it's just a joy to me.

- By the way, how is training going in winter? Still, skateboarding in Russia has a certain seasonality ...
- Boring and not so intense. We don't have many indoor parks. You come to the same site, with the same figures. Regardless, I try to work with my mind, it is important that what you do brings you pleasure.

- You have been skating for many years. How has skateboarding changed since then?
- Skateboarding has recently become an Olympic sport. The Russian Skateboarding Federation has appeared since last year. These guys are doing a lot for the development of Russian sports. Recently we even visited Naryan-Mar with them. We held a demonstration performance there, set up a skate park. Last year we went to Yaroslavl to the opening of a new site and held competitions there. After that, the guys from the local skate shop told us that the next day they had all the skates dismantled. What the Federation is doing at the global level is working: there are more children who stand on the boards, it has become more convenient to ride on the streets, and competent and diverse skate parks have appeared. It's very cool!

- And there are more girls in the competition?
- Yes, of course. It should be noted that there are more guys and girls. And even now, many people get up on the boards from an early age. When I started skating, there were very few children. Everyone basically got up on the skate at 15-16 years old.

- How old do you think you should put your child on the skate?
- The most important thing here is not to force baby. There is no age limit in skateboarding. I have a friend who, at the age of 40, first got on the board. Now he skates normally.

- What to look for when you buy a board?
- Everything except the picture. My advice is not to just look at the drawing when buying a skateboard. At first I had a problem with the board. In skate shops there were no small skateboards, basically everyone ordered large ones. For example, only after a few years, as I started skating, I began to use small boards. Before that I rode big skateboards. Although I did various tricks, I later realized that small boards are more comfortable to control.

- Name three skate parks in Moscow where you like to skate?

- Among all, I can mention the new skate park, which is located next to the CSKA metro station. Skate park LSD next to Vernadsky Prospect. And the third site is in Perovsky Park.

5 tips for beginners from Katya Shengelia:

  • If your balance is bad, develop this nPlease ask your trainer separately.
  • Be sure to wear a helmet before every workout.
  • Don't wear new clothes during your first workouts. The best solution is a home T-shirt and light pants.
  • Train with professional skateboarders. They will be able to better explain to you how to accomplish this or that element, so you will begin to progress faster.
  • Come to skate parks, skate and be careful!

It will be possible to see Katya's performance, on an equal footing with other and foreign skaters, on September 22 in Moscow during the Skateboarding World Cup.

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