Fire Fighter and Marine Workout!

Just fire. New York Firefighters CrossFit

The documentary short from the New York Times stars ordinary firefighters from the New Jersey State Security Department. Their daily routine necessarily includes CrossFit workouts that are based on functional fitness exercises. All available means are used: ladders, hoses and even the fire engine itself.

Such examples are very inspiring, because you begin to understand that everything around you can be used to your advantage. In order to get in shape, you do not always need some kind of special equipment and expensive shells. If you decide to make your own crossfit training plan for yourself, then you should consider a few rules:

● Try to move from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible, the highlight of good functional training in its intensity.

● Do not drink water 30 minutes before training, during training and immediately after training.

● The set of exercises should work all muscle groups, but at the same time be balanced, you can create your own a program of basic crossfit exercises (burpees, plank, squats, etc.)

● Classic training schemes: 3 + 1 - that is, an athlete trains three days in a row, and one rests.

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