How Jessica Simpson Lost An Incredible 100 Pounds Just 6 Months After Giving Birth

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

The famous American singer Jessica Simpson has been struggling with excess weight all her life. But after the birth of her third child, she was horrified at all - the scale arrow stopped at around 108 kilograms! The girl decided to abandon the previous methods of losing weight, began to play sports intensively and eventually lost 45 kg in just six months. How did she do it?

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

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Fans loved the artist in her previous form, but this did not affect her willful decision.

Diet pills led to mental problems

Jessica was 17 years old when she came to the attention of Sony Music President Tommy Mottola. The producer was ruthless:

Simpson was surprised, because she already weighed only 53 kg with a height of 160 cm, but still obeyed. I immediately went on a strict diet and started taking diet pills. This was my life for the next 20 years, - said the singer.

Such experiments did not pass without leaving a trace - Simpson lost weight, but at the same time was exhausted from hunger. As I waited for the sleeping pills to take effect, I dreamed of voices.

By the time the first single of my second album was released, I had lost up to 46 kg and everyone said how great I looked. But that didn't make me happy. I was brutally hungry, Simpson admits.

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

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As soon as she gained at least a couple of kilograms, the girl immediately began to make fun of the tabloids. It constantly seemed to Jessica that everyone was looking at her with condemnation and behind her eyes they called her a fat cow. As a result, weight problems were superimposed on a difficult childhood, the burden of fame and constant anxiety, with all this Jessica tried to fight with the help of alcohol and pills.

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

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Only in 2017, the girl was able to completely recover. The public followed the girl's weight closely, but she still remained charming and won recognition as a fashionable and sexy diva. In 2010, she met her current husband, former American football player Eric Johnson. The couple now have three children - Jessica gave birth to their first child in 2012, and a year later their second child was born. Both times, the girl successfully managed to lose weight after giving birth.

Third child and -45 kg in six months

Jessica's biggest challenges were during and after her third pregnancy. Feeling unwell, lower back pain, bronchitis, insomnia, acid reflux and terrible swelling that she was not shy about demontrick subscribers on Instagram, and even sarcastically at herself.

Me I want everything tasty - cakes, buns, marmalade, cherries. Give me everything at once. I do not limit myself, as soon as I found out about pregnancy, I immediately dumped my belly, spread my hips wide and began to waddle, Jessica joked.

The real work began immediately after giving birth in March 2019 and six months later Simpson demonstrated stunning results.

Jessica was assisted by personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who has been working with singer. The main message was not just weight loss, but lifestyle changes. It was important not just to get rid of excess weight after childbirth, but to completely adopt new habits. The fact that she got rid of 45 kg at the same time is just a side effect.

After the first two births, I just helped her get in shape, but now everything was different. She wanted to look stunning again, to be hot, confident and energetic, - says Pasternak.

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

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The singer is sure that a good figure is 70% merit of her work, not genetics.

Simpson had patience and began to develop healthy habits. Here are four top fitness secrets of pop divas:

14 thousand steps a day

Jessica's main physical activity was walking, namely 14 thousand steps a day. But not immediately - the singer started with 6 thousand and gradually increased the load. She tried to go for a walk with the children as often as possible, and also got up on the treadmill while watching TV or talking on the phone.

Regular exercise in the gym

Jessica worked three times a week for 45 minutes. I didn’t ask her to do anything too difficult or painful because I knew it wouldn’t develop a good habit that way. We started off with a light full-body workout, doing one set for each exercise, and gradually increased the volume and intensity, each time working on different muscle groups, explains Pasternak.

Jessica Simpson dropped 45 kg in six months after giving birth. 4 fitness secrets of the singer

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Indulge Diet

Jessica is very familiar with different diets, but this time she took a more balanced approach to nutrition. Parsnip developed a meal plan for her, in which lean proteins and vegetables predominate, and also found an alternative to Jessica's favorite sweets. The diet should not have been too strict - three full meals and two more snacks a day (for example, peas with parmesan or a handful of almonds)... At the same time, Jessica could afford small indulgences and from time to time eat something tasty, but not very healthy. The main thing is to find a balance so that it is not difficult to abandon the old way of life, - the trainer says.

Adequate sleep

One of the easiest tasks in the process of losing weight is getting enough sleep. Many people underestimate the importance of sleep for weight loss or weight control, says Pasternak. In the evening, Jessica wrote to the coach by e-mail, in which she told about the results of the day, put aside all the gadgets and rested.

She went to bed with a sense of accomplishment. She was very motivated and kept a positive attitude. She said that for the last 10 years her body did not belong to her. Of course, in a good way, because a woman's body was created to create new life. And now her body again belongs to her, and she is happy to work on making it fantastic, '' Pasternak concludes the story. At 39, Simpson looks amazing and glows with happiness.

Jessica Simpson shows off jaw-dropping 45kg weight loss

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