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Jennifer Aniston 51. What is the secret of the ageless actress?

Today, February 11, Jennifer Aniston celebrates her birthday. The actress is known to many for her role as Rachel in the TV series Friends. Since the filming of the first episodes, she has practically not changed, her body looks especially attractive. Jennifer is passionate about sports and actively promotes a healthy lifestyle in various interviews. The benefits of this are clearly visible on a personal example, because at 51, the actress definitely does not look. We will tell you what is special about Jennifer Aniston's workouts and how she monitors her diet.

Jennifer Aniston 51. What is the secret of the ageless actress?

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What is the secret of Jennifer Aniston's body?

It's no secret that Jen is in great physical shape. She spends a lot of time in the gym to support her. Aniston works out five to six times a week and never skips workouts. When traveling, he is limited only to stretching, sometimes he takes with him small dumbbells, which are convenient to use at any time: while talking on the phone or watching TV. The actress literally lives in sports. She can do the exercises right before bed near the bed. So she does a little workout on her legs to maintain their beauty.

Regular workouts with actresses pass every day after breakfast. She works with a trainer who often has to change and complicate the training program. In one of her interviews, the actress admits:

Jennifer Aniston 51. What is the secret of the ageless actress?

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Aniston's experiments in sports

Since 2017, Jennifer has started boxing. This workout combines body and brain work and is a great way to kick out aggression. Now one of the leading Californian trainers Lejon Azubuike works with her. Jen herself really likes this load:

In her interviews, the actress often talks about the symbiosis of physical and spiritual activities, which is manifested in her training. She practices the budokon, a combination of martial arts and yoga elements. This technique, despite the fact that it is difficult, nevertheless conquered Hollywood at one time by creating visible results after several training weeks.

Jennifer Aniston 51. What is the secret of the ageless actress?

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Nutritional habits of an actress

Jennifer Aniston cannot call a fan of countless diets. She tries to eat right, but avoiding torture on the body. In the morning instead of coffee, she drinks a glass of water with lemon, and most of her diet consists of vegetables. Sometimes, of course, she allows herself to enjoy sweets, and coffee in her daily diet too However, all excess calories are immediately burned in training.

Dinner of the actress cheese consists of salads. Especially well remembered her colleagues on the TV series Friends. Courteney Cox recalls:

Jennifer Aniston 51. What is the secret of the ageless actress?

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