A Japanese Method to Lose Weight Using Only a Towel

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

Sports science does not stand still, and along with its development, new ways to improve our own body come into our lives. But, in spite of modern breakthroughs, sometimes the ingenious is hidden in things that have long been known. For example, Dr. Fukutsuji's technique has been familiar to the world for years. A Japanese doctor has spent over 10 years trying to prove its effectiveness. According to this method, to lose weight, you just need to lie on a towel rolled into a roller. Sounds easy, right? Here's how such a simple static exercise affects our body.

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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What is the use of the Fukutsuji method and why did it become popular?

Before publishing a monograph with numerous research, Dr. Fukutsuji studied for a long time what changes occur in our spine with age. The doctor found out that over time the thigh and pelvic bones diverge, the intervertebral discs flatten, and this leads to a decrease in height and ... visual expansion of the waist. That is why the Japanese scientist decided to focus his theory on improving posture, which in addition will help to correct the figure.

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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The Fukutsuji method has gained popularity due to its simplicity. It cannot be attributed to grueling workouts, it does not require a strict nutritional plan, and during the exercise you just need to lie flat with your back on the roller. And by the way, this practice has a number of positive effects:

  • The correct position of the bones of the skeleton is formed: the spine, ribs and pelvis. Thanks to this, posture is leveled, back pain disappears, the chest is lifted.
  • The muscular apparatus is toned. The muscles of the back are stretched, spasms and constrictions are relieved in different sections of the spine and shoulder girdle.
  • Breathing is evened out , lung ventilation is improved.
  • Internal organs fall into place , along with this, digestion is normalized.
  • Blood circulation improves, and the brain receives sufficient oxygen. It helps to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, improve mood and performance.
Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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Equipment Needed

To try Japanese technique on yourself, you need a gymnastic mat for comfort and a terry towel about one and a half meters long. It must be rolled into a tight roll and secured with tape, rope or elastic band. It is important to pay attention to the length of the resulting roller: it is dShould match or slightly exceed the width of your back.

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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The roller diameter is individually adjusted. Its minimum value is approximately 5 centimeters and is indicated for people with great overweight, poor physical fitness and diseases of the spine. It is not recommended to start lying immediately on a wide roll, it is fraught with unpleasant sensations after practice.

It is better to choose clothes that are comfortable and not hindering movements: for example, a loose T-shirt, shorts or pants. Sneakers and socks do not need to be worn, while women are generally advised to remove their bras. This way the body can fully relax.

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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Technique of the exercise

The main rule of the Fukutsuji Method is that you need to release tension and really relax. But first you need to sit on the mat, place a roller on it and gently lower onto it so that it is approximately at the level of the navel. It is important to do this without sudden movements, so as not to cause yourself discomfort, and hold the towel with your hands.

Feet should be shoulder-width apart, the feet are slightly piled on the inside, thumbs touching. At the same time, the arms are extended over the head, the palms are lowered, the little fingers touch each other. At first, not everyone can straighten their arms, this indicates the presence of disorders in the spine. However, with regular exercise, you will be able to take the necessary posture and get rid of back problems with the least difficulty.

When performing the exercise, the head should lie flat, do not throw it back. In the correct position, you need to hold out ideally for five minutes - this is quite enough for one lesson. However, if at first gymnastics causes you severe discomfort, reduce the time to 2-3 minutes and gradually increase it, but do not exceed the 5-minute limit. Otherwise, the spine will face an excessive load.

At the end, it is important to smoothly get off the roller: first roll over onto its side, and then gently stand up. No sudden movements! You will most likely experience mild discomfort after exercise, but remember that this is okay, unless the practice actually causes you pain.

Japanese Fukutsuji Method: A Simple Towel Exercise To Help You Lose Weight

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Does the Japanese method help you lose weight?

Naturally, the question arises: as an exercise, nAimed mainly at correcting posture, helps to lose weight? The fact is that due to the stretching of the spine and the improvement of blood circulation, fat from the abdomen is distributed in the correct way. Thanks to this effect, the waist is outlined, the body silhouette becomes more toned and slender. But in global weight loss, you should not rely only on the Japanese method: with its help, fat still does not disappear anywhere.

For the best effect, the author of the theory advises to work out in the morning, at about the same time, and do it's every day. By the way, there are different modifications of the exercise depending on the goals. For example, to achieve a thin waist, the roller is placed under the lower edge of the ribs, and for breast correction - clearly under it. There is even an entire weight loss program based on this exercise that includes all of the Japanese practices. But it still implies additional sports, as well as proper nutrition. So, no matter how much we want to achieve results quickly and effortlessly, we need to work on body quality in an integrated manner.

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