Jackie Chan | Transformation From 1 To 66 Years Old

Jackie Chan is 66! What an actor and martial artist does today

It seems that all boys (and maybe girls) in their childhood at least once imagined themselves as Jackie Chan . They jumped on sofas with a broom at the ready, throwing up their legs, trying to joke with friends, as in films about kung fu. For many, this martial artist was a true role model - brave, strong, dexterous and also very funny. Today the inimitable Jackie Chan celebrates his 66th birthday. And let's face it, he's still great.

Jackie Chan in movies

Jackie Chan's career began almost 60 years ago, and he's still in films today! Moreover, Jackie never changes his rule - he performs even the most dangerous stunts himself, without stuntmen. More than once the actor was on the verge of death - on the set of the film Armor of God in 1986, his skull was broken. A year ago, he almost died again, and during the filming of one of the last films Vanguard, whose release was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There were many times when I could die. Probably a couple in each film, and in my youth they happened even more often. I think there were more than 200 such moments, - said the actor. At the same time, Jackie Chan acts like a real superhero. Almost drowned? Nothing fancy, we need to keep shooting.

Recently Chan has been trying to get away from the image of a martial artist and to fully reveal his acting skills.

Jackie Chan is 66! What an actor and martial artist does today

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How does Jackie Chan train?

Jackie still fights, though with age he began to simplify acrobatics a little in his films. Even now, many young people can envy his form, and constant training has become an ordinary routine for the actor, from which he does not retreat for a single day. This allows him not to limit himself in nutrition - having eaten something extra, he will simply spend the extra half hour on training.

Chan starts the morning with an hour's run - it allows the body to warm up and prepare for further training. Then he makes a set of simple, as he himself calls them, exercises. Looking at the list, it becomes clear where the actor draws his vitality even at such a respectable age.

  • Push-ups on fists (5 sets of 10 times);
  • twisting on an incline bench (5 sets of 20 reps);
  • bench press (3 sets of 15 reps);
  • pulling the upper block (3 sets of 15 reps);
  • incline press (2 sets of 15 reps);
  • deadlift on a low block (2 sets of 15 reps);
  • overhead press with dumbbells (2 sets of 15 reps);
  • Barbell Squat (3 sets of 15 reps);
  • dumbbell lunges (2 sets of 15 reps);
  • leg curl (2 sets of 15 times);
  • curling dumbbellseps (2 sets of 15 times);
  • Triceps pull down (2 sets of 15 reps);
  • work on paws and Thai pads (3 sets of five minutes on each apparatus, rest - 2 minutes);
  • 30 minutes of martial arts practice.

How does he manage all this? Kung Fu and Yoga are associated with self-discovery. They teach you to concentrate, find a balance between body and spirit. They help to keep a clear mind, feel inner joy, protect the mind from external influences.

Chan has enough energy for everything - he has his own base for stuntmen, he directs, writes books, owns a racing team, charity (for example, constantly investing in the construction of schools and hospitals for the poor), managing many business projects, singing and filming, filming, filming.

Jackie Chan is 66! What an actor and martial artist does today

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How much does an actor earn?

Jackie is one of the twenty richest actors in the world - his fortune is estimated at $ 370 million, which is more than Brad Pitt or Will Smith.

10 years ago, he announced that he was going to spend his fortune is for good purposes and will not write Jaycee's only son into his will.

His relationship with his son has always been difficult, and in 2014 Jaycee was arrested and accused of using drugs and organizing a drug den. Jackie refused to raise his connections so that his son could get his sentence off, and later publicly apologized to the fans for his son's misdeeds and not raising him well enough.

There was another family scandal in the actor's life. In the early 2000s, it turned out that Jackie had a relationship on the side, and he had a daughter. He had to confess to adultery and apologize to his wife, who forgave him. Chan does not maintain any relationship with his illegitimate daughter Etta, and the accumulated capital is going to be divided by will between Joan's wife and charities.

Has Chan become infected with the coronavirus?

In February, news broke in the press that Jackie Chan had contracted the coronavirus and was quarantined. He immediately rushed to reassure fans that he was okay.

Jackie Chan is 66! What an actor and martial artist does today

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I know that the situation with the virus is very serious and it is slowly spreading around the world. Hope all my friends and fans are taking precautions. Protect yourselfand their loved ones. I hope the epidemic will end soon, everyone will be fine and healthy. Stay strong, I believe there is a bright future ahead of us.

Thank you all for worrying about me. I am healthy and am not in quarantine. During these difficult times, I receive many gifts from fans around the world. Thank you for the protective masks! I instructed my dear employees to donate them to those who need them in the first place, ”Chan wrote on his official website. I recently released a video in English and Chinese urging everyone to take precautions.

Jackie Chan is 66! What an actor and martial artist does today

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