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Ivanka Trump. What does a fashion model do to look that good?

The daughter of the 45th President of the United States Ivanka Trump has again come under a flurry of public condemnations. The fact is that recently a 37-year-old businesswoman came to a session of the UN General Assembly without underwear. And while social media users scolded the girl for such indecent behavior, the rest admired her beauty and fit. And she, by the way, is a mother of three children. So how does Ivanka Trump manage to look so good and keep herself in good shape? We will tell you in our material.

Sport entered Ivanka's life many years ago, when she was just starting her modeling career. And, although shooting is now far from the most part of her life, fitness classes have not left her daily schedule.


A politician's training preferences change quite often. For example, after the birth of her first child, Ivanka became interested in dancing, or rather dance cardio, the program of which was developed for her by a personal trainer.

Today, in the training plan of girls, there are various loads. There is a place for fitness in the hall, golf, tennis, and even swimming. The main thing that Ivanka emphasizes is the frequency of four times a week.

In addition , the model is a big fan of TRX functional exercises. This kind of workout helped her quickly get in shape after the birth of her youngest son.

Ivanka Trump. What does a fashion model do to look that good?

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Sometimes Ivanka tries to join her husband Gerard Kushner's runs, and even participates in mass races.

Active lifestyle

In addition to training, family and politics play a big role in Ivanka's life. These two spheres, although difficult to combine with each other, help a young mother to keep herself in good shape and almost never sit still.

On family weekends, the Kushner-Trumps go out into nature, go on hikes or even ride together skating.

As part of her political activities, Ivanka often travels, goes to the most remote corners of the planet, attends various sports events and even checks space stations.


Like the wife of the famous football player Victoria Beckham, wild salmon takes pride of place on Ivanka's menu. This dish helps to fill and enrich the body with healthy omega-3 fats. They have a positive effect on skin health and metabolism.

Ivanka Trump. What does a fashion model do to look that good?

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In addition, a business woman's diet contains a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits. Ivanka also teaches children to these useful substitutes for sweet. Going on a picnic, they take with them tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chicken, rolls with beef and eggs, watermelon and greens.

However, Ivanka does not recommend completely eliminating fast carbohydrates. She indulges in little pranks in the form of flour products or fast food at least once a week.

An active lifestyle and nutritional balance are the secrets of the president's daughter's slimness and attractiveness. However, with such great pressure from society, one should not forget about the competent distribution of forces. To achieve harmony and relieve stress, Ivanka Trump prefers to visit the hammam and meditate outdoors.

Ivanka Trump. What does a fashion model do to look that good?

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Ivanka Trump. What does a fashion model do to look that good?

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