Ivan Tcherezov: I could think of myself as Phelps

This time the hero of the show # 226 questions , a joint project of the Championship and the leading organizer of triathlon starts in Russia IRONSTAR , was the famous biathlete Ivan Tcherezov . The athlete won gold at the World Championships three times and was twice a medalist of the Olympic Games.

Not so long ago, Ivan left the big sport and went to triathlon. During the interview, Tcherezov talks about the first start without preparation, a hungry sprint and why, humanly, rest is no less important than training.

01.15 - why Tcherezov was lucky after leaving big sport.
03.42 - how Ivan got involved in triathlon.
04.17 - the first start in Kazan he took place without preparation and wetsuit. How was it?
06.15 - about the desire to surpass oneself on the sprint in Moscow and unhealthy emotions.

07.11 - the most difficult stage of the triathlon race .
07.53 - the main problem of Tcherezov in relation to triathlon.
10.14 - the first experience in a wetsuit. Why does Ivan think of himself as Phelps?
11.40 - when Tcherezov was sitting at the airport after the start, the triathletes were still finishing.

12.45 - dry sprint. Was that a mistake?
05/14 - why is it so important to have a human rest.

Ivan Tcherezov: I could think of myself as Phelps

Eugene Roizman: Uncle Zhenya is elderly, he may not be able to reach the finish line

The ex-head of Yekaterinburg - about age, admission to triathlon, setup at the finish line and deputy's resource.

14.33 - is it realistic to observe the regime with three children.
15.18 - while Ivan was at a distance in Kazan, the family slept off. About support

17.20 - where would Tcherezov have his own triathlon start.
17.54 - a feature that triathlon lacks.

18.50 - super blitz: Legkov, Vylegzhanin or Tcherezov?

19.42 - where to find the schedule of starts for the next year.

Ivan Tcherezov: I could think of myself as Phelps

Alena Zavarzina - about retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

New role of Olympic medalist in Sochi and the start of the first YouTube show about triathlon together with IRONSTAR.

Ivan Tcherezov: I could think of myself as Phelps

Vladimir Voloshin: the goal to test himself will not motivate for a long time

A triathlete on his extreme challenges, time management and desire to become Minister of Sports.

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