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It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city

In Moscow and other cities of our country, the period of lifting the restrictions that were introduced during the intensified fight against coronavirus has begun. Now the word self-isolation is a thing of the past for most Russians, walking on the street is not possible on schedule, and cafes and fitness centers have reopened. Along with such good news, there was also a temptation to stop wearing a protective mask. Especially in the summer, when the hot weather makes itself felt. However, it is too early to forget about such a precaution, let us tell you why.

It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city

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Why wear a mask if restrictions are already being lifted?

In early June, the World Health Organization updated the requirements for wearing masks - this was announced during a briefing by the head of the institution Tedros Ghebreyesus . Previously, experts recommended that masks only be worn by sick people, since there was no data on their effectiveness in protecting healthy people. Now WHO advises everyone to wear masks, regardless of age and health.

In this regard, The Village Internet portal has published an infographic on its instagram that delicately explains why you should not ignore the WHO recommendations. If you believe the numbers, then the probability of transmission of the virus can be reduced to 1.5%! But only on one condition: if the means of protection are both on the COVID-19 carrier and on a healthy person. Otherwise, the risk indicator increases.

To make sure whether the mask should be worn by everyone without exception, we turned to the leading expert of the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, partner of the SN PRO EXPO FORUM festival Mikhail Lebedev .

Mikhail: There are many options for such infographics. As for the numbers, they are approximate, but generally correct. First of all, the mask should be on the infected person, but the best option is when everyone is wearing masks.

It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city

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Outside - without a mask, to the store - with a mask

Still there are situations when you can leave the house without protective equipment. Back in April, Russian Emergencies Ministry specialists advised the townspeople to stop wearing masks on the street. According to experts, it is impractical, and while walking it is better to breathe fresh air.

It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city


The explanation of this recommendation is very simple: on the street you can freely keep a social distance of one and a half meters. But in public placesit is quite difficult to do it.

Mikhail: First of all, masks must be worn in places where a large crowd of people is possible and there is no way to keep a distance: in shops, shopping centers, public transport and etc. Accordingly, you can not wear masks in those places where it is easy enough to maintain social distance: these are parks, squares, forests. The greater the movement of air, the less chance of infection. This is why it is important to constantly ventilate the area.

It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city

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How to cope with the feeling of discomfort in the heat?

With the onset of summer, following the advice of experts has become even more difficult. The chief resuscitator-anesthesiologist of the Ministry of Health Roman Molchanov said that in hot weather, many refuse masks or wear them formally, pulling them over their chins. This is because the protective equipment on the face creates a feeling of suffocation. However, according to the doctor, refusal to use them can lead to massive violations of the sanitary and epidemiological regime and increase the incidence rate.

It's not safe yet: why you shouldn't give up wearing masks in the city


Of course, wearing a mask in warm weather is difficult, but it's too early to give up protective equipment. Our expert told how you can somehow make it easier to stay on the street.

Mikhail: You can't do anything special here, but there is such an option - to move away from people , take off the mask and take three to four deep breaths to restore breathing and improve your well-being. Then put on a mask and go about your business. It is also important to remember that in hot weather, masks become wet earlier, so you need to change them more often, and breathing in a new mask is much more comfortable.

Which mask is better to choose in the summer season?

В Currently, the range of masks is extremely large. Disposable medical, neoprene, and even copper can be purchased.

We decided to ask a specialist what protective equipment to choose for wearing in the summer in order to minimize untidy sensations.

Mikhail: I had to choose earlier, when The masks were not on sale, and many were forced to return to sewing reusable, like in the old days. But in reality, disposable hygienic and surgical masks are most convenient. Gauze masks bring no less discomfort to the skin. Just imagine that a real good gauze mask is four layers of gauze. And now imagine wearing such a mask in the heat. And let's not forget that any mask (disposable, reusable) must be regularly changed to a new one. In this case, a disposable mask is also much more convenient.

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