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It's like a man: 7 sports and tech gifts for February 23

Heart rate monitor for beginners

Polar has long been known in the professional equipment market, so there should be nothing offensive in the phrase for beginners - it only means that the FT1 model is a simple gadget with a minimum number of settings and functions .

The precision and build quality are, as always, top notch. The set is a watch + chest strap, paired during training: the heart rate is displayed on the display of the wearable gadget.

You won't be able to save history, but many don't, but to keep track of heart rate during training - this kit is more than enough!

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Cycling protection, Livall level

Cyclist safety on the road is a handiwork cyclist! Livall has created a unique helmet. Firstly, a good and expensive helmet itself is reliable protection. Secondly, it has built-in diode strips that will warn of the cyclist's maneuvers. And finally, it is suitable for those who are used to riding light and with music.

Headphones for a cyclist are a big risk of an emergency, therefore Livall has built-in speakers and a microphone, which makes it a headset on one side, with the other is a portable Bluetooth speaker.

In order to control all functions without being distracted from the road, a special joystick is included in the kit.

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Headphones for running

As we said before, when exercising outdoors (whether running or cycling with friends in the park) it is important to control external sounds, car signals, etc.

Aftershokz takes a similar position with Livall on the safety of athletes. Only it works on a completely different principle - headphones and headsets of this brand are designed on the basis of bone conduction of sound.

Such headsets do not cover the ears, and the sound of music in the background is transmitted to the inner ear directly through the bone. And control, and musical accompaniment, and the ability to answer a call.

Suitable for both runners and cyclists, and just for walking around the city!

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Headphones for the gym

In the gym, on the contrary, sometimes it is very important to disconnect from everything that happens around, to concentrate on their tasks.

Wireless “earplugs” with good sound and decent autonomy are best suited for this. One example is the proven Xiaomi headphones.

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For muscle recovery after training

Effective muscle recovery after strength training is an important task. The unique smart muscle stimulator Power Dot will help to cope with it!

The gadget is unusually small and light, and all settings can be controlled via smarttphone. There are several recovery and sports massage modes for different muscle groups, designed for different levels of fitness.

The simplest thing Power Dot can do is to effectively relax and release muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and reduce the level of toxins (stagnation) in the muscles. And this is only in the "massage" mode!

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Sports Accessories

One of the most popular accessories is a shoulder case for a smartphone. Today there are thousands of them.

However, many have long been training without a smartphone, because smart and minimalistic gadgets have become a good alternative. For example, an Apple watch. However, the Apple Watch can now be placed over your shoulder for greater comfort during certain exercises. For this, there are special covers with a hole on the back for the heart rate monitor.

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Gift for the World Cup

Football this year at the peak of its popularity. Therefore, the adidas smart ball can be both a welcome and a very timely gift. It is, of course, more suitable for football sections and people who train regularly and thoroughly.

The ball is equipped with sensors that allow you to track the movements and the correctness of these movements during the game (or training), and the data is transmitted to the smartphone and processed in a special application. He will also be responsible for controlling the speed and rotations after impact.

The application includes several training levels designed for different levels of athletes' training.

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