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It couldn't be easier: hello, Alice. Help me choose my running shoes

On Sunday, September 23, Moscow hosted the sixth Moscow Marathon , which again broke the record for the number of participants. Despite the rainy weather, 30 thousand participants took the start.

We start preparing for the next marathon today

Of course, your result in a marathon or a 10 km distance is the sum of several factors, which came together: a well-structured training process, properly selected equipment, your general health. Therefore, if next year you want to set a goal for yourself to participate in the first race or to increase the mileage of the distance you are going to run, we recommend starting to prepare today.

Why is it so important to choose the right sneakers?

Many runners agree that the most important element in all of your equipment is a trainer that is tailored to your needs, your foot and your build. And indeed it is. The right running shoes can not only improve your performance, but also prevent unnecessary injury.

It couldn't be easier: hello, Alice. Help me choose my running shoes

Wet Test: How to Choose the Right Running Shoes ?

We analyze your foot at home.

Technologies will help you choose

At one of the EXPO stands during the Moscow Marathon ASICS gave everyone a unique opportunity: to choose sneakers using Alice's artificial intelligence from Yandex. It was enough to start your query with the phrase: Alice, start the skill: the selection of ASICS running shoes.

The championship also did not stand aside. During our dialogue with Alice, we found out that the new model of ASICS Gel Kayano 25 sneakers is suitable for our correspondent. See the video for details.

Do not be discouraged, even if you missed the EXPO: right now you can ask a question through the application Yandex.Alisa on your phone and pick your perfect pair of sneakers. Or maybe start your own unique running history? Make up your mind!

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