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Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

Many people accuse their extra pounds not of a sedentary lifestyle or lack of activity, but a mythical wide bone. The supposedly heavy skeleton and massive physique are inherited and nothing can be done about it. Together with the endocrinologist OSTEO POLY CLINIC Ekaterina Ivannikova , we are examining whether the features of the bones really affect the constitution of the body.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

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Myth or reality: what determines the weight of the skeleton

We will immediately dot everything over it - in any medical reference book or you will not find a wide bone encyclopedia. There is simply no such term in medicine - it belongs entirely to folklore.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?


The weight of the skeleton is usually called bone mass: it consists of 60% of mineral components and 40% of organic components. As the doctor explains, the indicators of this mass can differ depending on the sex, age and diet of a person. So, if a woman weighs up to 50 kg, her skeleton is about 2 kg. With a weight of 50 to 75 kg, bone mass is 2.5 kg, and over 75 kg - 3 kg. For men, the numbers are approximately in the same range, but the weight limits are slightly different: up to 65 kg, from 65 to 90 kg and more than 90 kg.

It can be noted that the more weight, the more bone weight. The fact is that one kilogram of adipose tissue accounts for approximately 16.5 g of minerals in the skeleton. This is where this difference comes from, albeit a minor one.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

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Why do people with the same weight look different?

With approximately the same weight and height, one person may appear slim and fit, while the other may appear plump. The fact is that the same mass of fat and muscle tissue differs in volume: a kilogram of fat looks larger than a kilogram of muscle because it is less dense.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

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Of course, appearance depends a lot on your lifestyle: how often you exercise, what and how much you eat, whether you follow the regimen, etc. However, the constitution of the body also plays a significant role - these are the characteristics of the organism, some of which are inherited, while others are acquired during life. There are three main types of human constitution:

Ectomorphic . It is characterized by a short torso, long arms and legs, long and narrow feet and palms, a narrow chest and shouldermi. Fat deposits are very small, muscles are usually thin and elongated.

Mesomorphic. Wide chest, long trunk, great muscular strength. Dense muscle structure.

Endomorphic. Rounded face, short neck, wide hips. Soft muscles, significant amount of body fat.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?


Also there are also several body types.

Hyposthenic (or asthenic). With this type, the diaphragm is low enough, the chest is stretched from top to bottom, the neck is also stretched, the shoulders are narrow, the limbs are long and thin. As a rule, hyposthenics are taller than average. Their muscle mass is poorly developed, and the amount of adipose tissue is usually below average.

Normosthenic. With this type of muscle there is much more than with hyposthenic, and the skeleton is more durable and developed. Body fat is in line with the average.

Hypersthenic. People with this type of build are usually short, with a short neck. The peculiarities of their internal structure are due to the rounded chest. And adipose tissue, as a rule, is more than usual.

Indeed, people with an endomorphic constitution and hypersthenic physique are more prone to obesity. However, the point here, as it turned out, is not at all in wide bones.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

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The doctor notes that it is somehow difficult for everyone to keep track of weight, but the recipe for losing weight is still quite simple: you need to get enough sleep, minimize stressful situations, more often to be in the fresh air, to play sports and monitor nutrition. If you can't lose extra pounds, you should contact an endocrinologist. Perhaps being overweight is a consequence of more serious health problems.

How to find out your body constitution?

It is quite easy to find out the approximate body constitution on your own - you need to grab your wrist with two fingers, thumb and forefinger by the bone, just above the wristwatch. Ectomorphs will have fingers overlapping each other, mesomorphs will almost touch each other, and endomorphs will have a noticeable distance between them.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

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If we talk about celebrities, then the owners of ectomorphic physique will be Bruce Lee and Ryan Gosling. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prominent representative of mesophorphs, and Russell Crowe and Dwayne Johnson are explicit endomorphs.

Is there a wide bone and how do skeletal features affect weight loss?

Ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph. What type of body are you?

An important part of the training process is knowing your body type. This will help increase the efficiency of your workout and reach your goal faster.

However, the endocrinologistdoes not advise relying on home methods. If you really need to determine the constitution of the body, you should consult a doctor and conduct bioimpedansometry - a procedure during which you will find out what is the ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body.

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