Building Muscle Over Age 40 - Complete How-to Guide

Is it possible to build muscle after 40 and how to do it?

A healthy lifestyle is back in fashion. And not only young people are interested in this trend. Of course, visiting the gym is useful for everyone, but with age, you need to treat your health with much greater attention.

To keep in good shape after half a century, you need a special technique. If you adhere to the tips and tricks below, listen to the needs of your own body, going to the gym will deliver maximum benefits.

Is it possible to build muscle after 40 and how to do it?

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As we age, the body starts to function worse than before. The function of the endocrine system is disrupted, metabolism slows down, and so on. If you take these factors into account when designing a training program, you will be successful.

For older athletes, there are certain principles for building a training process:

  • Frequency of loads - heavy trainings should be replaced by unloading ones. The number of repetitions when working with heavy weights should vary from 5 to 12, and with light - from 12 to 20. This load is sufficient for gaining a small amount of mass.
  • Load control - the level should be selected as optimal as possible. In old age, the mobility of the joints is significantly reduced, so the range of motion should be somewhat different. The breath deserves close attention.
  • Body recovery - rationally organized rest periods. The breaks between training days should be from two days. It's all related to decreased metabolism, slow recovery and hormone production.
  • Nutrition - a properly selected and balanced diet. This point should not be ignored. Health should not be neglected for the sake of athletic performance. The diet should be selected individually, according to the age and needs of the body.

General guidelines for cardio training

Moderate cardio should be done four times a week. Recommended lesson duration is at least 30 minutes.

Is it possible to build muscle after 40 and how to do it?


Life hack: how to determine the intensity of the classes? Do a little test: Try talking while you exercise. If the conversation is not difficult, you can train in the same mode. You can run, swim, ride a bike. There are no restrictions. The only recommendation is not to be limited to one type of cardio exercise.

Strength training program

The key to a muscular body is strength training. True, priorities change with age. Instead of gaining mass, maintaining a healthy lifestyle comes first. In addition, there can be no question of gaining muscle mass in old age.speech.

It is recommended to work on safe simulators, and not with weights. The intensity is supposed to be such that for each muscle group, two to three sets of 8-12 repetitions are performed. The workout should include functional movements that mimic those performed in everyday life.

Should I take sports supplements after 50 years?

Most types of sports nutrition do not have any age restrictions, but in their use there is simply no need. Supplements are available to help you exercise more effectively and maintain good health.

Recommended Supplements

The body needs minerals and vitamins at all times. The only difference is that with age, a person begins to consume much less nutrients. To compensate for this deficiency, a good quality multivitamin should be taken.

  • Fish oil prevents the development of many diseases, increases the efficiency of the articular-ligamentous apparatus.
  • Avoiding sports leads to muscle breakdown. To counter these processes, Proteins and Amino Acids should be consumed after 50 years. The effect of an active lifestyle with them is much more noticeable.

Pass a preliminary consultation with a doctor and feel free to go to the gym. Your body is plasticine, you can mold anything from it. Create yourself! Well, if this article didn't motivate you enough, then catch a few links to the athletes who inspired us.

Robbie Robinson (he is 64 in the photo)

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How To Build Muscle After 40 (COMPLETE LIST!)

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