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IRONLADY. The most feminine finish of "iron" beauties

IRONLADY is a women's race, which is held on the eve of the IRONSTAR SPRINT triathlon competition especially for beautiful ladies. The beautiful half of humanity will have to overcome five saturated kilometers and compete in endurance, speed and perseverance. At the finish line IRONLADY in Kazan, we managed to meet with this year's medalist Anastasia Tovpintseva and talk with her about how and where to start our preparation for triathlon distances, what should be taken into account the course of the race and how to overtake yourself on the finish line.

IRONLADY. The most feminine finish of

Photo: “Championship”

- Nastya, how long did you prepare for your first start?
- In general, my first triathlon start is scheduled for the end of October, this is a sprint - we swim 750 m, we ride 20 km plus 5 km race. I didn't prepare for IRONLADYy on purpose. I just came for the company with my beloved, who makes here a half of IRONMAN, and decided to go for a run with other girls. And this is the beauty of triathlon - in principle, at any moment of time, you are so in good shape and fit that you can arrange such holidays for yourself in the form of spontaneous intermediate mini-mono-starts (races, swims). If, of course, they are not global, such as a half marathon or a marathon, then this may interfere with preparation for the main race. And so it turned out to be a good workout, for which they gave a gift and a medal.

- What trainings did you have at the preparation stage?
- We have a female triathlon team #IronShubaBaby , we train five times a week (for an hour - one and a half), within a week there are necessarily classes in all three types (swimming, cycling, running) plus strength and functional training in the gym.

IRONLADY. The most feminine finish of

Iron Shuba Baby: why women's triathlon is beautiful

A few thoughts that underlie women's triathlon.

And, of course, stretch, yoga , Pilates, plus it is very desirable to add a bath, massage, SPA, if possible, in order to recover well. There are also weekend camps or big, week-long camps - there we can train 2-3 times a day, but all loads are very well balanced and take into account the peculiarities of the female body and psyche. Our head coach Viktoria Shubina is a super-pro with colossal sports and coaching experience, an example for all of us, clever and beautiful. We are following her. Rather, we run, swim and ride a bike (smiles) .

- Is this your first start or were there any other training starts before that?
- This is my second running start in my life, the first was 10 km in the World Class Games in June. I also didn’t prepare, I came to run as a workout, I was satisfied with the results.

IRONLADY. The most feminine finish of

Photo: “Championship”

- What was the most difficult thing at the distance in Kazan?
- Positional wrestling! I lost it from the very beginning due to lack of experience in teachingastia in starts. It could have been the first. At the beginning of the race, several girls immediately took the lead, I was with them, but a little behind - I could not immediately pick up a pace above the ANM (the threshold of anaerobic metabolism or the level of load at which recovery starts to go much slower, and you won't work like that for a long time, you will acidify. This parameter is individual.). And I was reinsured and did not catch up with them in the hope that they would give up later. This often happens in races, everyone starts as if they are a hundred meter race and then slow down. And you need to try to work progressively and accelerate closer to the finish line, not break down at everything at the start. In general, the girls in front of me turned out to be persistent and sustained a good pace taken immediately. Closer to the finish line, I managed to overtake only one of the three ahead of me. In addition, the top five is, in principle, a difficult distance, here you work to the limit, because it seems like it is not very long, not a dozen, on which you save more, well, and this is not an explosive sprint when your maximum effort lasts only a few seconds. In general, a very interesting and useful experience for me! Especially considering that as part of the triathlon sprint we will run just the top five.

- Did you plan ahead for meals during the race? If so, what was it like?
- This distance is too short to feed on the fly. Until the hour of the race can be done dry. But what you eat during the day before and on the eve of the start is very important. Lightness is important for me, but at the same time I need energy. Therefore, I ate oatmeal with honey a couple of hours before the start.

- Speaking of equipment, what did you take with you to Kazan? What do you need to think about (in terms of clothing, etc.)?
- The most important thing is the right running shoes. It must be comfortable and must be checked several times at the same distances. Everything has grown together perfectly, my very first running shoes carried me perfectly along the flat embankment of Kazan. In the equipment, nothing should interfere, press or dangle. It should be comfortable everywhere in the body so that nothing distracts or annoys. Plus, I decided to run with my sports watch, although at first the idea was to work purely on sensations. She was reinsured. But then it is interesting to analyze the numbers - maximum and average heart rate, pace, cadence, etc.

As part of the race IRONLADY participants and spectators together with the famous the sports brand HOKA ONE ONE could choose the right model right on the site, taking into account running style, weight and pronation. All test participants could join running and functional training sessions with a professional trainer, or test the sneakers by choosing their own distance and pace. You can also find the perfect sneakers for training on September 23 in Sochi at the IRONMAN site.

- How hard is it to ride a bike with your feet on the pedals?
- Yes, this is my main fear and horror at the moment, besides the steep slopes with turns. Butin fact, this is more effective pedaling, better maneuverability, and with experience and the acquisition of skill you will start to enjoy it. I look forward to this moment, but for now, gritting my teeth and bulging eyes, saddle my fear and great and try to train as often as possible to bring the moment of pleasure closer.

IRONLADY. The most feminine finish of

Photo: “Championship”

- Can we say that triathlon is already a lifestyle, not just training?
- Of course, the social circle, the geography of trips, the daily routine, shopping preferences are changing. Instead of new shoes, new sneakers - so the question is not yet raised, we still adore shoes and dresses, but it is vitally important to buy several bicycle uniforms in the color of the bike.

- What qualities does a triathlon allow to develop in addition to physical ones?
- Triathlon teaches you to plan time, expenses, processes, lay out efforts, relax when you do not need to strain, appreciate life and moments of rest and communication with loved ones (because you need to strain and train in triathlon a lot). I still have a lot to learn, and triathlon quickly shows your strengths and weaknesses. If you skillfully use this knowledge, you can drastically change your whole life for the better.

- How does it feel to be IRONLADY?
- Very nice! Especially when the finishing shirt is beautiful, fits perfectly, and next to my IronMan with flowers. Tomorrow I will support him.

Become a spectator or participant of the next IRONSTAR starts in Russia. Learn more .

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