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Iron Statham: 8 Training Commandments

Jason Statham is one of the most famous English actors of our time, who has kept himself in great shape for many years. He needs this not only to independently perform dangerous stunts on stage, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He trains according to his own developed scheme, which is significantly different from standard fitness complexes.

Today we will tell you how this iron guy has achieved such success. Above all, Jason maintains a strict diet. During filming, the actor is especially sensitive to his diet, but on a normal day he tries not to cross the 2000 calorie bar.

Jason's trainer, Logan Hood, has developed a specialized training system for the actor to help him build muscle without any problems. The result is obvious.

Here are just a few of the rules that Jason Statham adheres to in everyday life :

No repetitions

In his interview, the actor admits that during the entire six-day cycle he has never repeated the same exercise twice.

Take into account all parameters

Repetitions, weights and times of all exercises are recorded in the actor's training diary. Next, this data is analyzed, which allows you to understand how much you need to increase or decrease the weight or exercise intensity in the future.

Tune in to the result

During training, all emotions should be turned off, classes have only one goal: to win.

To work out stabilizers

When building a workout, Statham pays special attention to training for stabilizing muscles, or muscles of the core, which help build a strong and strong back and abs, as well as prepare the body for functional loads. As an exercise for stabilizers, Jason has to regularly perform more than 500 squats, various jumps, planks, leg raises.

Combat as an element of training

Jason Statham is a fan of mixed martial arts, and knowing this, his trainer Logan loves to weave combat elements into regular training. Shadowboxing, practicing punching and kicking on pears and sandbags, jumping strikes and other exercises help maintain the tone of the workout and warm up the muscles, although they have little effect on Jason's fighting skills.

Use your weight

Statham always uses plyometric exercises to train explosive strength and reflexes. These short, but very heavy sets do not require special equipment.

Pocket workout is your backup plan

Even in the absence of free time, Jason always has a simplified workout that does not require equipment and space .

Jason Statham's diet

The actor's diet includes in itself the basics of proper and natural nutrition. It is based on 3 basic principles:

1. No sugar or flour products. Bread and pasta are excluded, as well as any sweets. This is always the hardest part of the diet, according to Jason.

2. The actor keeps a detailed food diary, recording his diet for the day. Even ordinary water cannot be ignored.

3. Separation of calories. Statham eats 5-6 meals a day using the long-standing principle of calorie sharing.

How you may have noticed Jason Statham's methods work flawlessly. Today he is preparing for new filming, adhering to all of his training precepts.

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