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Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

Now people all over the world are forced to adhere to self-isolation. Of course, some hard workers continue to work in Russia, but for most of the population, the announced weekend was marked by being within four walls. How to keep yourself in shape in such a situation and at the same time do something interesting? We know how to combine business with pleasure, and we hasten to share our advice. First, it is best to watch a movie and be inspired by its main characters, and then plunge into sports yourself. Even in harsh quarantine conditions, this is possible.

Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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Rules that everyone should know.

We have selected several films about sports and bodybuilding for you, after watching which you will definitely not be able to just lie on couch.

Muscle on the Beach

Original title: Muscle Beach Party.
Year of issue: 1964.
Genre: Musical, Comedy.

A very eccentric millionaire decides to experiment. The man wants to prove that his chimpanzee is in no way inferior in intelligence to adolescents who spend time on the beach. Going to the ocean, the main character discovers a company of bodybuilders. His relationship with these guys doesn't work out right away. In addition, Countess Julia appears on the horizon, who draws attention to the millionaire with a complex character.

Stay Hungry

Original title: Stay Hungry.
Year of release: 1976.
Genre: Drama, Comedy.

It was in this film that Arnold Schwarzenegger's official acting debut took place. The work of director Bob Raifelson was even awarded the Golden Globe. Joe Santo - that was the name of Arnold's character in the film - rocks and drives girls crazy. He plays the violin and preaches a kind of philosophy, the meaning of which is life in one moment. A rich loafer meets a young man. He is played by Jeff Bridges. Guys become good friends, and the millionaire suddenly realizes that cheeky bodybuilders are much nicer than the society of snobbish friends.

Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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Pumping iron

Original title: Pumping Iron.
Year of issue: 1976.
Genre: documentary.

Schwarzenegger plays himself in a film shot at the intersection of fiction and documentary films. Iron Arnie is set to take the Mr. Olympia title for the sixth time. To achieve this goal, the bodybuilder substitutes an inexperienced competitor. It turns out that all the heroes of the picture have certain complexes, which gave rise to the desire to prove masculinity and strength in athletes.

Armida (Aria)

Original title: Aria .
Year of release: 1987.
Genre: musical film.

Armida is one of the ten movie novels in Aria. It is dedicated to the interpretation of classical operas by contemporary directors. The short film is based on Jean Baptiste Lully's baroque opera about a knight in whom an evil sorceress fell in love. In the picture, instead of knights - bodybuilders. They are just as proud and partial to iron tools. Sorceresses wash the floor in the gym, enjoying the view of the beefed up beauties. The training of athletes turns into ballet, and the editing of excerpts of arias and episodes in a rocking chair creates a magical feeling.

Faster, stronger, more powerful

Original title: Bigger Stronger Faster .
Released: 2008.
Genre: documentary.

Director Chris Bell is a former bodybuilder. Using his example, he explores the topic of steroid use. Even in childhood, having absorbed the idea that you need to be the first always and everywhere, a person goes to any tricks. According to Bell, Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same. Among the heroes of the documentary one can see the director's brothers, athletes, lawyers and politicians. And also a bodybuilder who died after the movie was released. He was 37 years old.

Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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Original title: 10 timer til paradis.
Released: 2011.
Genre: drama, melodrama.

A man by name Dennis, played by former athlete Kim Cold, despite his 50 years of age and powerful physiqueThe bed is still living with mom. He never had a girlfriend. Psychologically, Dennis is a big kid. One day he goes to Thailand. This trip brings the hero an encounter with true love. Only first he needs not to get bogged down in a pool of depravity.

Blood and Sweat: Anabolics

Original title: Pain Gain.
Year of issue : 2013.
Genre: crime, comedy, thriller.

The film is based on real events. The fitness trainer is tired of being just an instructor and is terribly jealous of wealthy clients. Having found two unlucky jocks, the man invited them to kidnap a millionaire who is engaged under his supervision. True, the stupid crimes of adventurers lead to dire consequences.

Iron Pictures: 7 Bodybuilding Movies of All Time

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