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Iron Ladies: the most beautiful triathletes from Instagram

The last month of summer saw a lot of competitions. In mid-August, two days of serious triathlon trials organized by Ironstar took place in Kaliningrad. Among the participants who made it to the northern corner of Europe were not only men, but also beautiful ladies and even children at a specially prepared start for them. Impressed by the beauties at a seemingly non-female semi-iron distance of 113 km, we have prepared a selection of the most charming triathletes who can compete in speed and endurance with the stronger sex.

Alena Zavarzina

The famous snowboarder, bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Sochi, is just starting her way in the triathlon, but she has already achieved great success and conquered several starts. In show # 226, she said that triathlon is a kind of therapy for her, because at a distance you start to better understand yourself and your emotions.

Iron Ladies: the most beautiful triathletes from Instagram

Alena Zavarzina - about retirement, Trump, superheroes and triathlon

The new role of the Olympic medalist in Sochi and the start of the first YouTube show about triathlon together with IRONSTAR.

Diana Bereda

For Diana, competition is a charge of energy, the aftertaste from which will remain for a long time. Nobody knows when a mother of three children has time to prepare for them. But the fact that the girl has incredible willpower is undeniable.

Andrea Leon

Another charming triathlon representative lives in Mexico and every day motivates her subscribers to do sports and positive. It seems to smile everywhere and always in its rules.

Anastasia Zhukova

This summer for Nastya, in her opinion, was not very athletic. But we don't think so. An Olympic track at the beginning in Sochi and a beautiful sprint ending in Kaliningrad - why not indicators of a productive pastime?

Alexandra Voskresenskaya

# triathlongirl and Ironstar ambassador loves not only sports, but also treats himself to goodies. Fortunately, because of the former, this does not affect her figure.

Anastasia Tukmacheva

Perhaps one of the most famous young ladies in triathlon, who, having made a half, went on a short vacation to invest in the development of her YouTube channel. However, Nastya promises to come back and finally conquer the 226 km distance.

Valentina Zelenkevich

Valentine - two-time master of sporesone in swimming and triathlon and a real #hurricanegirl, as written in her profile. We believe it is visible to the naked eye.

Nicol Allan

Nicole's photos on Instagram are not so professional, but full of life and real emotions. Triathlon and travel are an integral part of still existence.

Reka Turoczi

A charming runner with many children writes about herself that she dreams of showing her children and the world how amazing sports can be.

Viktoria Shubina

The eight-time iron lady, who conquered five world championships and Elbrus, now trains novice triathletes and fosters their love for this sport.

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