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Irina Sashina: I want my children to know that they are the best!

To interview a journalist is a very responsible task in itself. And now add to all this that this is not just a journalist, but a charming mother of four (!) Children with a stunning figure and a charming smile.

The other day we met with the TV presenter of the morning program Mood on TV Center Irina Sashina to find out what allows her to stay in such great shape and inspire millions of Russians on the other side of the blue screen every day.

Irina Sashina: I want my children to know that they are the best!

Photo: Maya Kozlovtseva, Championship

- Irina, tell us how your day starts?

- Day starts very early, as you have to get up and see the children off to school, feed them breakfast. After that I go to work or take my daughter to workout. I have long been accustomed to this routine, I have been living this way for many years - the eldest son is in the 9th grade. Of course, I always got up with him in the morning, and now I have to feed five at once - children and my husband (smiles). After that, on the go, grab something yourself and run to meet the new day!

- What helps you to be cheerful from the early morning?

- Be cheerful on In the mornings, my inner attitude helps me. I always wake up in a good mood. Thanks to the parents, they have instilled this since childhood. Even if it is cloudy outside the window, I still have a lot of positive emotions in the morning. I am glad that I have children nearby, happy that my husband is nearby. It seems to me that being sad in our time is some kind of impermissible luxury. There are many reasons for sadness on a global scale, and so, in general, you need to rejoice in little things. I have this trait and it helps me a lot in life.

- Do you have any mandatory morning rituals to start your day with?

- Of course, I can't do without a cup of coffee and a contrast shower. Plus a contrasting towel wrap on my face - it helps me to cheer up and feel more fun. The mood rises, a healthy glow appears on the face. The key to a good day for me is a smile! So when I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I always smile at myself. If I see my husband first, then I smile at him, if I go to wake up the children, I kiss them and be sure to smile at them. It is very important to charge each other with positive things in the morning. We had a period when we all quarreled and swore in the morning, hurried ... the atmosphere was just awful. At some point, I said: let's give each other positive emotions from today. If we don't do this ourselves, no one will help us. Let's not spoil each other's mood, but say only good things. Of course not right away, but gradually the children get used to it.

- What would be your ideal start to the day? Let's dream ...

- If we talk about the recipe for the perfect morning, then this, of course: slowlyget up, do exercises, hang on the horizontal bar, drink a glass of water with lemon. After that, be sure to eat something light for breakfast: muesli or porridge, smoothies, yogurt, fruits. At least one apple a day, a spoonful of linseed oil and a spoonful of honey are must-haves.

- How do you manage to maintain such an amazing shape?

- Thanks for the compliment! Firstly, it's genetics, thanks to the grandmother I went to. She has always been active, slender, pretty, thin. Therefore, even after the birth of children, I quickly regained shape. I've been wearing the same size for 20 years now. Of course, it is impossible without sports. I go to the gym at least twice a week. I did not immediately come to the simulators, at first it seemed to me that group exercises were more useful, interesting and effective. But at some point, my husband brought me to the gym and offered to do certain complexes on simulators. Suddenly I saw that you can quickly achieve results if you purposefully work with those zones that you want to get in shape.

Now I have a coach with whom we are friends and it was thanks to Tanya that I toned myself ... I have always been slim, but there was no elasticity, and now the very elasticity that I was striving for appeared. I'm not saying that I have built up some big muscles, but, nevertheless, if you strain them, they are felt (laughs). It makes me happy. Another plus is that the gym is located next to my house. He is modest in appearance, but it suits me, because I don't go there to show myself, but to work on my body. I have 30 minutes, sometimes 40 or an hour, but during this hour I manage to squeeze out the maximum.

- Have you tried some trendy modern trends in fitness training?

- I tried different kinds of sports: I was engaged in Pilates, yoga, but somehow they have not taken root with me yet. A familiar masseuse recommended jogging to invigorate the buttocks, tone them up for summer.

- How do you feel about running and a massive run?

- Mass races have become a fashion trend and it's great! Last year we took part in Natalia Vodianova's amateur race on Vorobyovy Gory. First of all, this was done for charitable purposes, but it seems to me that this is a very good action, it unites people and, among other things, helps to get in shape. Therefore, I always support such events and respond with joy to such proposals. I hope we will also take part this year, at least we have already sent an application.

Irina Sashina: I want my children to know that they are the best!

Photo: Maya Kozlovtseva, Championship

- In one of the episodes of the program, a yoga teacher came to you and showed you asanas that promote hair growth. Does it really work? How do you feel about yoga in general?

- About yoga for hair, to be honest I don't know( laughs ). Our guest told me that there is such a technique. Maybe it works, but it probably needs to be done all the time. In general, I have a very good attitude to yoga, but this is a definite philosophy. With my crazy rhythm of life, I am not yet ready for it.

Once we went with her to the Maldives and we had classes on the shore, she also tried to do something there, although she was very small.

- What does the correct nutrition formulation mean to you?

- This is the attitude that should be instilled from childhood. My mother always taught me the rules of healthy eating. There are no refined products in our refrigerator - only natural food. And I always have nuts, an apple, or drinking yogurt in my bag for snacks. These are the little things that I try to adhere to and try to explain to my children.

- What if there is no time to cook at home? What do you usually order in cafes or restaurants so as not to harm your figure?

- If I find myself in a restaurant or cafe, and I need something to eat, I often choose a salad with arugula and shrimps ... It is very nutritious and healthy, there is a lot of fiber and at the same time seafood is rich in vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on our skin and hair. If it's lunchtime, then I definitely take a hot one. It doesn't matter what kind of soup it is, I try to eat the first course every day.

Irina Sashina: I want my children to know that they are the best!

Photo: Maya Kozlovtseva, Championship

- How do you feel about diets? Ever had to lose weight on a tight schedule?

- It seems to me that diets do not work, proper nutrition works, which is gradually becoming a way of life. But if you urgently need to lose weight for some event, then why not. I had such a period after giving birth when I needed to get back to work as soon as possible. I sat on diets, which alternated: buckwheat, cucumber, protein. But all this must be under the supervision of a doctor and a nutritionist so as not to harm your health.

- How do you usually relax with children? Do you have any favorite family activities?

- It so happened that all children are lively and without active rest they simply wither away, so I prefer to create different activities for them, including on a rest. If this is the sea, then we go swimming, go downhill skiing in winter, and they enjoy spending time with new friends.

- What do you need to do to reboot and recover quickly?

- To do this, I need to go somewhere at least twice a year for several days - alone or with my husband, if possible, doing without the Internet and phone. Just walking around town, knitting or looking at the sea. These moments give me a lot of strength. After that I return and am ready to move mountains again! If I feel that I am morally devastated and physically tired, then I tell my husband about how to escape somewhere. Somehow wentone, though not far, to the country house. A couple of days in peace and quiet is enough for me to recharge the batteries.

Irina Sashina: I want my children to know that they are the best!

Photo: Maya Kozlovtseva, Championship

- How do you manage to maintain a balance between career and family?

- I think there is a universal recipe for everyone. If you want to focus on a task, then at this moment you should be here and now. For example, if I come to work, and, for example, I have difficulties at home, then I discard everything and think only about the air, the audience, about the current task that is in front of me. In the next moments, when I'm at home, I try not to combine my personal life and work. I disconnect, I try not to go out even to social networks at home and only do my everyday life, my husband and children.

True, if I need to write an article for some portals or a few pages of a book I’m working on now, then I I choose the night time, when it is quiet and I can concentrate.

The fact that I manage to combine a lot in my life is, first of all, the merit of my parents. I am an energizer in life, I am an Aries, I am a fire, and I wither if I do not have several things going on at the same time. Two children went to the camp and I am bored, it seems that something is missing. I used to live in a frantic pace, when there is no time to hesitate, you have to solve a bunch of things at the same time, call up with schools, teachers, journalists, with management, or, for example, answer questions like now.

- What motivates you and gives you strength for new achievements?

- Women's happiness - would be nice next. Perhaps this is still true. If you have a person whom you love very much for many years, listen to him, respect, look up to him and are proud of him, then everything will work out. Then you can allow yourself some weakness. If suddenly this wall swayed or looked at you with displeasure, you should immediately orient yourself, substitute a support to support this strong person. It seems to me that this is the main thing, then the children are happy, and things work out, because you have strength and a source of inspiration. You understand that you are a single whole, and everything else fits in.

If the husband and wife look in one direction, then this is very good, then there is an opportunity to agree, and not to arrange a competition, who is cooler and stronger. It seems to me that this is generally unacceptable, because if there is love between people, then children see it and absorb it. Even if sometimes they see that their parents are quarreling or arguing, then this is also the ability to find compromises. It's good if they learn this and then also look for a life partner or companion, focusing on their parents. And of course, I will try to give them all my love so that they feel that they are the best children in the world.

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