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Irek Rizaev: now I am doing everything to get to the Olympics

From 22 to 24 September, the Russian BMX freestyle championship and championship took place at the Rosa Khutor ski resort. This event was the first official competition in our country after the BMX-freestyle Park discipline was included in the Olympic Games.

Irek Rizaev: now I am doing everything to get to the Olympics

Photo: redbullcontentpool. com

At the site we were able to meet and talk with one of the participants, a young athlete of the Red Bull BMX team Irek Rizaev and talk about training, plans and the upcoming Olympics.

Irek Rizaev

Date of birth: October 1, 1997

Place of birth: Kazan, Russia

Career start: 2011

Life credo: Anything is possible.

- Not so long ago you became an athlete of the Red Bull team. How does it feel to be an athlete of a big brand?
- Great! As soon as he started cycling professionally, he dreamed and aspired to get into the Red Bull team. This is very cool, because the attitude towards you changes. You are invited to the competition, the support from the brand is very strong. And it becomes easier to progress further. That is, there are many benefits.

Irek Rizaev: now I am doing everything to get to the Olympics

Photo: redbullcontentpool.com

- How much time per week do you devote to training? Is it just BMX training or is there just general physical training in the gym?
- In fact, differently. I ride and train basically every day. At least three hours a day. Undoubtedly, general physical training is also important, but I pay more attention to BMX training.

- Where do you prefer to train?
- There is a good ground in Krasnodar. Even in Kazan, sometimes in Moscow, I occasionally go abroad.

Irek Rizaev: now I am doing everything to get to the Olympics

Photo: redbullcontentpool.com

- If we talk about different countries and opportunities for skiing, how comfortable are you to ride in Moscow? And in which cities, in your opinion, have all the conditions for development in the BMX field created?
- It is comfortable to ride in Moscow in summer, while open parks are open. The rest of the six months, probably while it is cold, there is practically nowhere. Even in summer, unfortunately, Moscow is not the best ski area. I think the best skiing conditions are in Krasnodar. The training park, which is located here, in my opinion, is one of the best in Russia.

The discipline in which Irek performs is called BMX Park. This direction combines both street elements (constructed park figures that imitate street obstacles (stairs, banks, rails, ledges, wall rides, etc.), and classic park (bowl, mini-ramp, quarters).

- You recently attended BMX tournament in Rosa Khutor. How was your skiing experience in the mountains?
- Yes, in Sochi hosted the Russian BMX Championship at the Olympic site. The site for the competition is good, the only drawback is that there are no training figures there yet. The event itself was held at a high level, I liked everything. The president of the Russian Cycling Federation even visited us, he is ready to help us, send us to the Olympics.

- BMX is now part of the Olympic program. Do you have a desire to take part in the Olympics someday?
- Yes, of course, there is a desire. Now I am training, I will soon go to the BMX World Championship in China. I repeat that there is a desire and it is huge, now I am slowly doing everything to take part in the Olympics.


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