“Heart in Backpack” Fitness Star Gets a Transplant!

Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

There are many people living in our world, whose fate can become the basis for a Hollywood film about motivation. One of them is the American Andrew Jones . His story is amazing and does not leave you indifferent. Andrew became an example of a person who went ahead to the goal, not stopping in front of numerous obstacles. Even before a serious illness and fear of death.

What happened to Andrew Jones?

Before the tragic events, Jones led a healthy and active lifestyle: he was a fitness model, spent every day in gym and took part in bodybuilding competitions. However, one of the workouts radically turned the habitual way of life.

For the first time, Andrew realized that his health was not all right in 2012, when he began to choke after running. Two years later, the situation worsened: the athlete began to cough up blood, he constantly had a high temperature. Soon, doctors made a disappointing diagnosis - cardiomyopathy. This is a hereditary heart disease in which the blood circulation is impaired. Jones spent four months in the hospital.

The body was so weak that Andrew could not get out of bed, walk or dress on his own. It became clear that he needed a healthy donor heart transplant. However, the queue for the organ was too long: many people have been waiting for their chance for years. In such a situation, the only solution was a pacemaker and an artificial heart, which would make it possible to live on in anticipation of help. It was this device that supported the blood circulation in the boy's body.

Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

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Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

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Andrew Jones training with a heart in a backpack

It's hard to imagine what it would be like - live knowing that all your plans for a happy future depend only on the reliability of the pacemaker. But Andrew was not at all discouraged and even tried to joke about the situation.

Perhaps many people in a similar situation would prefer to avoid physical exertion and stress. Jones is an exception. The young man loved to spend time in the gym before the operation and did not want to stop exercising, even with an artificial heart behind his back.

If at first the athlete was upset because of the difficulties that appeared, then he soon realized: the present moment is his life. Jones was ready not to feel sorry for himself and continue to do what he loved. The American gradually began to regain physical shape and return to work with hardware.

He was happy with everyone day when he could wake up and go to training. Andrew even took part in bodybuilding competitions, competing with healthy athletes in the WBFF federation. He became the first to enter the stage with an artificial heart. The young man also talked about the difficult life on social networks: on his own Youtube channel and on his personal blog on Instagram. Jones held meetings with students and appeared on national television.

Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

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Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

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Andrew Jones's life after surgery

In 2016, Andrew finally waited for the long-awaited organ transplant operation. As soon as he regained consciousness, he enthusiastically repeated how good he felt with a new heart.

After a couple of days, Jones's condition returned to normal. Now he leads an active lifestyle, travels, constantly goes in for sports. Once an American took part in a competition among organ transplant survivors. However, the fight against the disease did not end there. After the operation, the patient receives a large number of medications. In his blog, Andrew said that at first he took about 50 different pills a day. Even in 2020, four years later, Jones continues to carry a medicine bag with him.

It doesn't upset him at all. Andrew is a motivating example, proving that there are no barriers for a person with a great desire to achieve a goal. Having covered a difficult path, being on the verge of death, the guy continues to play sports and demonstrate perseverance and tremendous fortitude.

Invincible Andrew Jones: the guy who trained with his heart in his backpack

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Fitness model with heart in backpack. What happened with Andrew Jones

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