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Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?

In the modern world, exhausted by diets and various restrictions, a new approach to nutrition is gaining popularity - an intuitive one. Its main principle is not a strict calculation of calories, as is usually accepted, but the ability to listen to your body. We managed to talk with a nutritionist, nutritionist Anna Berseneva , about the effectiveness of this approach and what nuances should be taken into account.

What are the rules?

How are we already said, intuitive eating does not imply exhausting diets. Its main principle is the ability to listen to yourself. The nutritionist advises to take food with a conscious approach only when the body gives a signal.

Of course, first you need to learn how to properly understand your body so as not to overeat or, conversely, not to starve. To do this at first is quite difficult, because we are used to eating on the machine when we are bored or during work. That is, completely ignore what we actually eat. Therefore, in order to reach an understanding with your body, Anna advises to adhere to the following meal plan:

  • Remove artificial refined foods from the diet: refined sugar, oils and white wheat flour. These foods shatter not only the metabolism, but also the emotional background.
  • Exclude sweet and fried foods. Spend at least a few fasting days.
  • Eat vegetable dishes such as green salads or vegetable soups.
  • Drink clean water before every meal.
  • Never starve!
Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?


After your body is rebuilt and weaned from junk food, you will begin to understand it better. Then you can honestly answer yourself the main question: Do I want to eat this dish or not ?.

How does it work in practice?

The intuitive approach is not very common in Russia yet. But its effectiveness can be easily traced on the example of an experiment that was carried out in England. It was attended by children who were divided into two groups. The first one was fed according to all the standard rules: calorie calculation, meals on schedule, compliance with the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

In the second group, children could easily take any food from the table at any time. Of course, no fries or hamburgers could be found on it. But everything was present: fruits, vegetables, eggs, cereals, nuts, meat and other products.

Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?


As a result, there was no deficiency in the second group of children: vitamins, minerals and other important indicators were normal. But half of the children from the first seemingly correct group had certain deviations.

The expert explains the result by the fact that children still know how to really listen to themselves, their bodies are not clogged with an abundance of refined and artificial products. That is why such a pure organism gives rulesclues.

What are the advantages of an intuitive approach?

A clear advantage of mindful eating is an established connection with oneself. And all this is combined with the lack of strict rules. The intuitive method will allow you to keep the body in shape both externally and internally. It eliminates the stress that a person so often experiences while following a strict diet. Plus, this approach is great for dealing with eating disorders.

What are the downsides?

The only downside to eating consciously is the difficulty of understanding yourself. To achieve the goal, it is very important to clearly distinguish all the signals of the body and distinguish a real desire to eat from an emotional outburst. After all, when emotions take over, we can easily explain to ourselves a sudden impulse by the fact that the body really asks for food. This is often not true.

Intuitive nutrition. How to keep fit without dieting and calorie counting?


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