Into two countries: where UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov lives

In recent years, the popularity of the UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov has reached incredible proportions. His name appears in the headlines every day, and the athlete's audience on Instagram is about to exceed 20 million people. Only Olga Buzova has more among Russians. At the same time, unlike most top bloggers, Khabib does not flaunt his personal life. On his page, you can hardly find photos with his wife and children, and not much is known about Nurmagomedov's real estate either.

Of course, fans would like to know more about their idol. Many are interested in the question: where does Khabib live? But most fans are sympathetic to the fighter's hidden lifestyle and respect his choice. However, it is simply impossible for a person with Nurmagomedov's popularity in the modern world to completely conceal the details of his private life. Here's where the UFC champion lives.

Into two countries: where UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov lives

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A modest house in his native village

Khabib's home is located in the high-mountainous Dagestan village of Sildi, which can only be reached by a winding mountain road. The village has no internet, no hospital or even a store, and food is delivered to the residents at Kamaz. Previously, several thousand people lived in Sildi, but in the 90s there was a massive outflow of the population. People were provided with housing and work in the flat area, so now only about 200 people live permanently in Sildi.

Khabib's family also left their native village in the mid-90s, but the fighter himself and his relatives often return to house on Nurmagomedov street. It got its name in honor of the uncle of the athlete, world sambo champion Nurmagomed Nurmagomedov. Despite the huge fees and advertising contracts, the family home in Sildi looks as modest as it did in the childhood of the future UFC star. No high fence, no expensive finishes. Inside, according to the guests, there is also not a hint of luxury. The house has only two rooms, a closet and a tiny kitchen.

Although Khabib has not lived in Sildi for many years, he regularly visits his native village. The fighter communicates with local residents and makes mountain runs. Often in the Nurmagomedovs' house, relatives and friends gather at a laid table.

Into two countries: where UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov lives

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Apartment in Makhachkala

With the development of his career in the UFC, Khabib has become a lot travelling aroun the world. On his instagram you can find pictures from different continents, but the athlete's house, according to his prizeNaniyu, is located in Makhachkala. His wife Patimat and three children live there. It is known that the fighter's apartment is located in the same house as that of his father and coach Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. Teenagers are constantly on duty at the entrance, dreaming of seeing an idol and, if they are lucky, take a photo together.

Khabib admits that the increased attention to himself tires him. Therefore, while in Makhachkala, he rarely leaves the house. Several years ago, Khabib's father talked about plans to build his own large house in the capital of Dagestan. In addition, the athlete often travels to Moscow on business.

Into two countries: where UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov lives

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Long-term business trips to the USA

While preparing for fights, Khabib Nurmagomedov lives in the United States, in the city of San Jose, California, where the American Kickboxing Academy is located. There he trains under the guidance of the founder of the academy, Javier Mendes, who is considered one of the best tactics in mixed martial arts.

Usually, Khabib spends in the USA from one to several months a year. It is not known for certain whether the Russian fighter is renting an apartment in San Jose or acquiring property.

Khabib Nurmagomedov - Journey to UFC Champion

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