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Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

Those who did not have time to lose weight by the summer, but are still planning to get in shape for the holidays, are actively looking for salvation in all kinds of diets. The first under scrutiny are the secrets of losing weight from Hollywood. One of these is intermittent fasting, or fasting, which beauties such as Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr resort to. What is the essence of the new foreign trend and does it make sense?

Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

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Let's figure out if this really works and tell you what results to expect.

Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

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What is the point?

Meaning Intermittent fasting is the periodical refusal to eat. The most popular scheme is 8/16. That is, you can eat for 8 hours, and you starve for 16 hours. For example, you can fit all meals in the interval from 10 to 18 hours.
However, you should not think that during the allowed time you can eat anything. You need to understand that whichever diet method you try, 80% of your diet should be healthy foods.

Nutritionists and Interval Eaters say 16 refraining from food lowers blood sugar levels and the body begins to use fat as fuel, which helps to reduce hunger. However, this is not entirely true.

First of all, prolonged refusal to eat is stress for our body, which means that subsequent meals can turn into overeating. Such a scheme is definitely not suitable for those who experience psychological disorders and periodically seize their problems.

Important: in order for the fat burning process to go more actively, and the muscles do not disappear along with this very fat , you must not forget about sports. The main rule is that your workout should be during the allowed meal hours.
Intermittent fasting: how does it work?


When is there?

Here you have two options. One is to gain strength and energy in the morning and finish meals in the afternoon, the other is to start eating only after dinner and stop eating before bed. It all depends on your activity and the usual rhythm of life. For those who wake up late, evening fasting is suitable and vice versa, morning - for early birds who are used to full for the whole day.
It is best when in eight hours you manage to consume all your daily calories. That is, you can eat more often or divide the calories into your three meals.

What to drink?

The fact that you cannot eat for 16 hourst, does not mean that you can not drink. Naturally, this does not apply in any way to alcohol and sugary drinks. Allow yourself green tea without sugar and water.

Intermittent fasting: how does it work?


Are there any contraindications?

This type of diet is definitely harmful for people suffering from gastritis, having problems with the gallbladder and adrenal glands. And the scheme is strictly prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.

What are the results?

Naturally, such a diet scheme is only suitable as a diet. For example, if you need to dry out and lose a couple of kilograms in order to fit into that very dress or suit. Do not use it for a long time, as these tests are still very stressful for the body.

Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

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Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

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Intermittent fasting: how does it work?

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