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Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer

Water, dirt, dust, improper care - all these spoil our shoes and eventually make them unattractive. Sneakers and trainers are more likely to need care than other pairs. To keep athletic models in shape and stay fresh, just know a few simple rules.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer

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Don't forget about the protective spray

A new pair should be impregnated with a universal water-repellent spray, which is now sold in any shoe store. Such products are able to protect sneakers from dirt, ultraviolet radiation, moisture and dust. This will extend their lifespan.

Give your sneakers a break

Your shoes need a break: let them dry well and rest. It is undesirable to walk for several days in a row in the same sneakers, it is best to alternate them. With daily use, your shoes will stretch easily and lose their shape.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer


Dry your shoes correctly

And in dry weather, moisture can accumulate in sneakers, which does not have time to dry out overnight. The main thing is to dry your shoes correctly, because wet materials wear out and deform faster.

It is important to remember that sneakers should be dried at room temperature, avoiding hot surfaces, heaters and direct sunlight. One of the most common mistakes is putting wet shoes close to the battery. This can harm the material.

For sneakers, it is better to use special dryers: they can be internal and external. If not, you can stuff your shoes with newspaper or silica gel. It is advisable to dry insoles and laces separately on the battery.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer

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Be careful with your washing machine

First of all, read the information on the label. It should indicate whether the sneakers can be machine washed. It happens that with such washing, the material can lose its shape, color and become hard. For sneakers, it is better to use a delicate wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer


Get rid of the unpleasant odor

To avoid the unpleasant odor of your shoes, periodically take out the insoles and ventilate your sneakers. Do not forget about special deodorants for shoes - in summer, such products are especially relevant.

Wear socks

Wearing sneakers on your bare feet is a bad idea, even if they are made of textiles. By absorbing sweat from your feet, your sneakers will quickly develop an unwanted scent. There is also a risk of blisters, chafing and abrasions.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer

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Don't forget your laces

Laces also need to be cared for as they collect dirt over time. It is better to wash them by hand in warm water. If you want to use the machine, put the laces in the laundry bag and select the delicate setting from the menu. It is best to dry them outdoors.

Use shampoo, dishwashing detergent

To clean the fabric of your sneakers, you can use a liquid detergent such as shampoo, liquid soap, or dishwashing detergent. They work especially well if there is a greasy stain on the surface. Just gently wipe the area and rinse with clean water.

An old toothbrush can help to remove small stains or dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Dip it in the solution and wipe the contaminated area. This is important because over time, dirt eats in and is very difficult to remove.

Instructions for use: how to keep sneakers fresh in summer


Store indoors

Be careful not to leave your sneakers in the sun, as UV exposure can cause discoloration. If you do not wear sneakers, leave them in a cool, dark place.

Taking care of sneakers is not difficult, the main thing is to follow simple principles and immediately remove dirt. If you do not take care of shoes, then even the highest quality models will quickly lose their presentation and become unusable.


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