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Instructions for parents: curling from childhood

We don't take curling seriously, even though it is an Olympic sport. The goal of the game is to place your stone closer to the center of the house (colored circles on the ice) and prevent your opponent from knocking it out. At the same time, curling is considered one of the most progressive sports. Every year it is gaining momentum, and the children's sections are actively replenished by young athletes. If you have doubts, then you just need to go to one workout. Many even try with skepticism, and then they are delayed for a long time. Curling leaves no one indifferent.

Curling: what skills does it develop?

This sport develops tactical and logical thinking, concentration, composure and quick reactions. It is often called ice chess, as it is important to think over your actions. It is necessary to calculate the force of the throw and control the speed of the projectile. Moreover, curling helps to keep fit. The maneuvers that players perform during the game develop all muscle groups. You also need to be able to balance on ice: run, slide and keep your back straight. The weight of the original projectile is 20 kg, so it is not easy to hold it. It is because of this that young children are rarely able to play curling.

Pros :

  • Develops tactical and logical thinking, reaction speed, coordination of movements.
  • Athletic body shape is maintained.
  • Playing on ice hardens the child's body and strengthens the immunity to colds and viral diseases.
  • You can practice both indoors and outdoors.
  • Curling is a good psychological release.

When can I send my child to the section?

11 - 12 years is the recommended age for starting classes.
4 - 6 years old - groups for the smallest.

Cost of the question: how much do the lessons cost?

Most often, children's curling sections in Moscow are free. For example, the sports school of the Olympic reserve Moskvich in Tekstilshchikov or the Orbita sports complex in Zelenograd. But there are also classes for 8 thousand rubles a month 3 times a week.

  • Equipment: It is unlikely that you will have to buy stone and brushes, since the section trainer has the necessary equipment. You will need;
  • Curling boots. Average cost 7-8 thousand rubles;
  • Sliders and anti-sliders for shoes (good for the first lessons). If you are not sure that curling is your future, then take your time to buy special shoes. The average cost is 2.5 thousand rubles;
  • Elastic knee pad. Average cost of 500 rubles;
  • A curling jacket and trousers won't come in handy in your first lesson either. However, for further training, they should be purchased. The average cost is 5-6 thousand rubles
  • Curling brush. You may want your own. Medium costost 4 - 6 thousand rubles Total: = Beginner level (min) - from 3 thousand rubles. = Amateur - from 13 thousand rubles.

Competition system in curling

There are different curling tournaments in which the child can take part in the section team. Professional athletes in this sport regularly host European and world championships, world championships and Olympic tournaments. A high level of training is required to participate in them. A curler can get sports categories and titles, as in other professional sports: I-III sports category, candidate for master of sports, master of sports and master of sports of international class. To get the I-III sports category, you need to successfully perform at all-Russian sports competitions and at the official championships of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

5 tips for parents from the Russian curler, participant of the 2018 Olympic Games among mixed pairs, world champion Anastasia Bryzgalova:

  • Be prepared to see your child at home infrequently. Most likely, he will often leave for training camps or competitions. And sports will be a priority over his studies, like most professional athletes. Nevertheless, this does not prevent me from getting a good education and being an erudite person.
  • At some point, the child will want to give up everything. Such moments often arise for those who devote a lot of time to sports. First of all, there should be a coach nearby who will support and direct. Sport is difficult, but it tempers, and all difficulties can be overcome. Parents need to support the child and give him a choice. If this is not to your liking, then there is no point in forcing the child. Nothing good will come of it. Each athlete is a very strong person, and must choose the path for himself, overcome his difficulties and become a champion.
  • Take the time and attention to training. Sport is wonderful precisely because it allows us to feel what we cannot get in everyday life. This is crazy adrenaline, which is addictive, and without it you can no longer imagine your life. Physically, you can only prepare yourself if you exercise every day. Dedicate yourself to sports and development. Psychologically, curling is very difficult, because on the ice you have to control yourself and your emotions. You must always be concentrated. It all comes with experience.
  • It is very important to find a good coach. There should be complete mutual understanding and trust between you. It is necessary that your points of view coincide with the coach. You need to get to a coach who will understand you, you are his, and you both will trust each other. If you want, you need to try.
  • Professional curling can be started at the age of 16. With enough effort, it is possible to achieve great heights here at a relatively mature age.

Meaningful Inclusion in Early Childhood

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