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INDOOR TRIATHLON: three days at the limit of human capabilities

April 24 within the walls of the World Class fitness club The city of capitals Vladimir Voloshin began to cover 5 official distances of the IRONMAN triathlon race. According to preliminary forecasts, the businessman planned to master 19 km by swimming in 80 hours, 900 km by bicycle, fixed by a machine, and 211 km by jogging on the track. All this with breaks only for an hour of sleep and massage.

Total time was 73 hours 50 minutes. Vladimir swam 760 pools 25 m long at an average pace of 2.08 minutes per 100 meters. Spent 26 hours 56 minutes in the saddle of a sports bike, showing an average speed of 33-34 km / h. The average pace during the running stage was 7 min / km. The total distance covered was 1130 km. During its passage, Vladimir consumed about 20,000 kilocalories from sports nutrition and drinks, the total weight loss measured after the test was 4.5 kg. A team of World Class trainers - Victoria Shubina , head of the Triathlon direction and Valery Pluzhnikov , a swimming coach, helped the triathlete-businessman prepare for the distance.

One of the goals of this experiment, called #VChallenge by Vladimir, was to raise money for the treatment of a 15-year-old girl with the support of Rusfond. During the entire race, Vladimir managed to collect 204,622 rubles. The entire amount has already been transferred to Lera Ermakova's treatment.

The next challenge I throw myself is 10 iron distances in INDOOR conditions. So see you here at World Class in a year! - comments Voloshin right after the finish.

During during the whole race, Vladimir managed to collect 204 622 rubles . The entire amount was transferred to the treatment of Lera Ermakova.

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