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Indoor triathlon race: Championship team wins first place

On June 8, 2017, within the walls of the World Class fitness club Kuntsevo, an amateur team Indoor triathlon competition was held. A significant difference from the classic race was that each team member did not pass a complex, but one specific distance: swimming, running or cycling.

Indoor triathlon race: Championship team wins first place

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

This type of competition is more affordable than the usual Outdoor triathlon, since it does not require expensive equipment and equipment from the participants. All distances are covered not according to the principle of who is faster, but according to the principle of who is more. The winner is the team that has driven, swum and ran the most kilometers in a certain amount of time.

The Championship team was represented by members of the editorial board: Alexander Tokmakov - swimming, Nikita Kuzin - biking, Timofey Kuzin - running. The championship was really difficult for the guys. Even at the initial stage - swimming - Alexander's leg bridged half the distance, which significantly complicated the ability to finish with a large lead over his rivals. As a result, he managed to swim 375 meters (as a result, with a coefficient of 3.75 km). Because of this, the team lagged far behind the leaders and realized that at the next distances it is necessary to give all the best at any cost.

Nikita covered 17.7 km on the bike stage. Immediately after passing the distance, he shared his impressions:
' It was very difficult, the strength ran out after the first 10 minutes. Then I had to endure 20 minutes, and here teamwork helped me. The guys waved a towel at me to make it easier to breathe, splashed water and said what time the competitors had. '

The team spirit did not leave the guys at the final stage with the run. Timofey took a good pace from the very beginning, and the prospect of showing the best overall result became more than possible. For 20 minutes, while our athlete was running, the guys were broadcasting live on Instagram, where the Championship staff and friends of Timofey could support and cheer him up, because the team spirit and support are very motivating in such situations. As a result, at the finish line, 5 kilometers were added to the team's piggy bank (in total with a coefficient of 20 km).

Indoor triathlon race: Championship team wins first place

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

According to the results of the Indoor triathlon race, the Championship team was in the lead, having covered 41.45 km per hour.
During the competition, we managed to talk with the triathlon coach Victoria Shubina , who told about what needs to be considered in order to show good results at distances in Indoor conditions.

Indoor triathlon race: Championship team wins first place

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Stop wanting - start doing something

This advice applies to all three types of distances or even if you are going to do a regular, not a team triathlon. You just have to get up and go to find out something about it, contact the same fitness club. For example, the World Class club has a special triathlon school where you can be trained.

A reliable coach

You need a coach, a guru, a person who will help you. In this sense, be careful, as this is akin to choosing a life partner. The coach must be emotionally approachable, you must trust him completely.

Patience, proper nutrition and recovery

It is important to know that you cannot become a triathlete overnight. It is imperative that you distribute your strength, do not wait for quick results and do not try to jump over several steps at once. You have to be consistent and enjoy any small progress. Although the lower your fitness level, the faster you will feel progress, literally the next day. The higher your level, the less obvious this progress will be for you.

Take your time and recover, and also eat right, because the training process is not only physical activity and overload.

Time to prepare for the starts

In an amicable way, you can prepare for the Indoor triathlon in a month and a half. The only limitation is swimming: a person must be able to stay on the water. It is especially realistic to learn in such a time if you participate in a team triathlon, where everyone goes through their own stage. Moreover, in any condition you can always finish, since the main thing is not distance, but time, you do everything on time. If you find it difficult to run, then walk along the path for 10 minutes. Your distance will not be the same as the one who took first place, but at the same time you will finish and you will already have some result.

We even run special Indoor triathlons as test competitions for our athletes, who train at our school.

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