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Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym

Every day, classes in the gym are gaining more and more popularity among those who want to keep their body in shape all year round. Long-standing supporters of a healthy lifestyle have already tried all kinds of training formats and were able to choose one thing: personal training with a trainer or group trainings. But for beginners in this business, it is not easy. Should you pay extra for a personal coach? Will it be comfortable to train with the whole group? Or maybe try to get comfortable in the gym yourself? We answer all these questions together with an expert of the Championship, wellness coach Andrey Semeshov .

Personal training

Of course, if you have never been involved in sports or Even if you don't keep in shape with regular walks in the fresh air, you may need help while exercising in the gym. The first thing that comes to mind is classes with a personal trainer.


  • Individual training plan: all loads will be tailored according to your physical abilities.
  • Highly efficient: a competent trainer will ensure that the exercises are performed correctly to achieve maximum results.
  • Low likelihood of injury: the coach will supervise you as you exercise.
  • Constant motivation: a professional coach will always find the right words to support you during a challenging workout.
  • Personal schedule: you can always adjust your training schedule and come to the gym whenever it suits you.
Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym



  • High cost: on average, one lesson with a trainer costs 2-2.5 thousand rubles.
  • Incompetent Trainer: You may find a layman who will do more harm than good to your fitness.
  • Lack of like-minded people: you are alone in achieving your goal, so very soon classes in the gym can get boring.
Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym

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Group trainings

Group trainings are no less popular format for training. In modern fitness clubs, several separate halls are allocated at once in order to conduct classes there on a schedule. With the group, you can do stretching, yoga, Pilates, dance, aerobics and many other fitness programs.


  • Any level of fitness is encouraged, from beginner to experienced athlete - group activities are suitable for everyone.
  • Full immersion: you give yourself completely to the workout, because during the group session, no one and nothing distracts you.
  • Increasing efficiency through competitiveness: you constantly monitorand the rest of the group trainings' attendees and motivate yourself to be better than them.
  • Wide range of destinations: you can always find a fitness program to your liking.
Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym



  • Decreased attention of the trainer: there are usually 20 to 30 people in the class, so the trainer will physically not be able to pay attention to everyone.
  • Strict training schedule: you cannot reschedule your workout if you need to.
  • High risk of injury or ineffective training: the coach cannot keep track of everyone.

Is it possible to practice in the gym on your own?

There is no correct answer to this question. After all, if you have been working with a personal trainer for a long time or you attend weekly group classes and have learned almost the entire range of the proposed exercises, you can safely try to switch to independent training. But if you are a beginner and you are unfamiliar with most of the simulators in the gym, then independent training can be dangerous.

Andrey: First of all, independent training is the risk of injury. Incorrect technique, especially in exercises with free weights (dumbbells, barbells), can lead to unpleasant consequences - pinching, stretching. Working in simulators partly removes these risks. The second point is the danger ... not to get the coveted result. Incorrectly calculated loads or the number of approaches / repetitions can slow down progress, or even completely negate it. That is, you regularly go to the gym, move from one simulator to another, push / pull / lift something, but this does not affect your appearance in any way. And even the working weights are always the same.
But I do not at all strive to convince everyone that without a personal trainer, on your own, there is no sense in going to the gym. Of course it is not. This is not some kind of super-wisdom that is available only to a select few. Everything is quite simple, but you need to prepare to understand a little about the basic principles. Watch videos, read a couple of articles. All in all, take your time. Or money to pay for the services of a personal trainer. Whichever you have more.

Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym


How to choose the right training format?

Now, let's summarize, which is better: personal training or group training? Everything here is purely individual. Both formats will help you lose weight and achieve the desired physical shape, but which one to choose is up to you.
If you are ready to pay extra for personal training and like to play sports alone under the strict supervision of a professional, then the first option is definitely for you. You will always be comfortable, and the effectiveness of the classes will increase significantly. The most important thing is to find a competent and experienced trainer who, even withYou will enjoy working out with you.

Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym

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Andrey: In choosing a personal trainer of universal recipes not. A couple of tips. First, do not be afraid to ask about specialized education, refresher courses. The era of self-taught basement gradually recedes into the past. Most likely, in the foreseeable future, professional standards for personal trainers in the gym will finally appear in Russia. But while they are not there, it is better to clarify.

Do not rush to take a block of 5-10 workouts at once. Start with one. Be honest about wanting to see how comfortable you are with the interaction.
Finally, observe other clients. Especially those who have been working with this trainer for a long time, do not hesitate to ask what exactly they like about the work of a specialist.

And in no case do not be afraid to refuse services if you are uncomfortable communicating with the trainer. Of course, he makes you lift all sorts of heavy things, torments, but in the end, classes should be a joy. This is not a taxi where you can sit in the back seat and ask to turn off the radio and look out the window all the way.

Individual or group: how to choose the format of training in the gym

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Group training should be chosen for those who do not want to be under the constant supervision of a trainer and like to train in a warm and pleasant company. Group trainings are very often not only joint classes, but also communication, as well as exchange of experience and opinions. You will not need to pay extra money for individual consultations, you can work out with other visitors of the fitness club, motivating yourself to become better than them.

Andrey: Of course, group training is more effective, rather than repeating the same movements in front of a TV screen. It seems that the music is the same, the trainer shows the same movements, but there is no magic of joint training. Your comrades will recharge you with energy, you will definitely give your best so as not to seem the worst of all. This means that the results will be higher.

Only experienced visitors to the gym should switch to independent training in order to avoid injuries and not worsen their health.

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