Tiger Shroff As RAMBO : Sylvester Stallone Film Remake in Bollywood

Indian Rambo: can Tiger Shroff beat Sylvester Stallone?

The end of the last century - 80s and 90s - the time of really cool guys. The characters of Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Willis and Norris did not have fantastic superpowers, but this did not stop them from saving the world. And punishing bad guys is no less effective and effective than the current superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes.

And the symbol of the golden era of action films has definitely become John Rambo . A lone hero, armed to the teeth, hiding from enemies in the woods and shooting down helicopters with a throw of a stone, instantly became the idol of the Americans. Even US President Ronald Reagan constantly quoted the cult film, and before the military operation in Libya he allegedly said: I watched Rambo and I know what to do.

Rambo will be given a new life in India

Third part the franchise came out back in 1988. But the nostalgia of the audience for the superman made of flesh and blood turned out to be so strong that already in the 21st century the elderly Sylvester Stallone starred in two more episodes. The actor is still in great shape, but it is very difficult to reliably embody a brutal warrior on the screen when you are over 70.

The end of the legend seemed to be near, but suddenly the story got a new life. For a remake of the popular action movie, they took up in Bollywood, and Tiger Shroff dared to try on the image of Rambo. The actor not only has a wonderful body and is fluent in martial arts, but even outwardly is very similar to the young Stallone.

Fans of the original Rambo are divided. Some do not represent anyone in the role of a fighter except their beloved Sylvester, but others give Tiger a chance and look forward to the release of the Indian version of the American classic. So can Shroff beat Stallone himself?

Indian Rambo: can Tiger Shroff beat Sylvester Stallone?

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Stallone approves, but not participating

For the first time, plans to shoot an Indian remake of Rambo became known in 2017. Although usually in Bollywood movie masterpieces are released in record time, work on a new action movie was delayed. Director Siddharth Anand attributed the delay to the need to adapt the script to Indian reality, in which many had never even heard of the Vietnam War. In the new version, Rambo is the only surviving member of the secret elite unit of the Indian Armed Forces. Upon his return to his homeland, the man finds himself in a bloody war and is forced to hide in the jungle and the Himalayan mountains.

The premiere was scheduled for October 2, 2020, and the entire filming process was given a solid eight months by local standards. Most likely, anddue to the coronavirus pandemic, the release will be delayed. But sooner or later, the Indian version of Rambo should be released, because it was blessed by Sylvester Stallone himself. In 2017, he spoke about Shroff by posting a poster for a new movie on his Instagram.

There were even rumors about the possible participation of Stallone himself in the new project, especially since Sylvester already had experience of filming in Bollywood. However, the Hollywood star's manager denied this information.

Indian Rambo: can Tiger Shroff beat Sylvester Stallone?

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Dancer with a black belt

To play a role that is tightly connected in the mass consciousness with another actor is a thankless task and often doomed to failure. But in this case, there is a chance of success. Shroff made his film debut just six years ago, but is already one of the ten most popular actors in India. Several films with him became real hits, and Tiger's partners are invariably the first beauties of Bollywood.

The son of Indian cinema star Jackie Shroff has a relief body and dances well. But, perhaps, the main secret of a powerful start to his film career is martial arts skills. Unlike most colleagues who only imitate fighting skills, Tiger has been practicing martial arts since childhood and boasts a black belt in Taekwondo.

Thanks to his fighting training, Shroff Jr. got a role in the super successful Indian action movie Rebel, which already has three films. It is said that it was Tiger's work in Rebel that inspired Siddharth Anand to remake Rambo.

Shroff devotes the lion's share of his free time to sports. In addition to perfecting techniques in his native taekwondo, Tiger pulls a barbell, plays basketball, does acrobatics and athletics. The popular actor also adheres to vegetarianism.

Indian Rambo: can Tiger Shroff beat Sylvester Stallone?

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I've been preparing for this since childhood

Despite his great physical shape, real martial arts skills and even outward resemblance to the original Rambo, Tiger is excited about his new job. He emphasizes that he is not trying to outshine Stallone.

Indian remake only on At first glance, it seems adventurous and risky. In the domestic market, the film is almost doomed to success. And blessingGiving a sonorous name and a really cool starring role, the project has every chance to conquer a Western audience.

Indian Rambo: can Tiger Shroff beat Sylvester Stallone?

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Tiger Shorff On Sylvester Stallone's Reaction To Rambo Hindi Remake

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