Photography Tips – Macro Photography – Extreme Close-up for Beginners 📷 DIY in 5 Ep 42

In the right angle. Photo Tutorials for Extreme Photography

The best photos are rarely taken by accident. Sometimes our inner voice and instinct will lead us to the right place with perfect lighting, and we have with us (oh, miracle!) Everything we need to take the perfect shot. But this happens very rarely.

Good images, especially when we are talking about action photography, almost always require an understanding of the process from the inside and a good reaction speed. Season, time of day, weather, location and, of course, the rider himself - all this must be taken into account before going to shoot. A selection of photo tutorials from Daniil Kolodin , photographer of the acclaimed Red Bull Fortification project, will help you understand the most common issues and look at extreme photography from a different angle.

From Daniil's interview with Red Bull: Generally , athletic and other special projects are always interesting. They give a great degree of freedom in implementing ideas, while working on projects where, for example, sports or video is a priority, rather than photography, is quite difficult. You need to adapt to the rider or the video command.

It is always difficult to work at dusk. When only a little bit is left before complete darkness, you need to be ready to take a photo with one or two takes. And here everything is checked: your photoskills, technique. We have to raise the sensitivity of the camera, and in the dark, focusing works worse. Light also has its own characteristics. Most importantly, the devices do not burn out the frame. As darkness falls, the ISO rises to draw out the darkening background, which means the flashes seem to become more powerful. We need to watch this so as not to spoil that single shot.

Photography is generally a product of the team's creativity. Or at least a photographer and a rider. Collaboration brings people closer together, and this is valuable. Speaking in detail, I prefer to consult with the rider, show examples of photos, listen to the opinion. Then the final result will be cooler.


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