In the rhythm of the city: Moscow's best jogging parks

Moscow is a big city, you can run anywhere, but in the summer, especially during the renovation of the beautiful central boulevards, you don't want to breathe dust and push on narrow sidewalks.

The ideal solution is to move to parks. Fortunately, the choice of parks and embankments in the city is not limited to Gorky Park and Neskuchny Garden, which attracts all locals and visitors like a magnet. The championship reminds of Moscow's cool green areas, in which you can run well, train on stairs, benches and hone your skills in running uphill.

North - VDNKh, Ostankino Park and Botanical Garden

If you think that there are a lot of people here, which means that you did not go deeper than the pavilions. These three parks are located on a huge territory planted with greenery and ennobled with asphalt and tiled paths. And in Ostankino Park there is a stadium with 400-meter running tracks.

Northeast - Sokolniki Park, Losiny Ostrov National Park

This is the most interesting place for jogging, because you can easily run many kilometers without going round the central alleys or near the pond. Choose one of the rays of Sokolniki, run around all the ponds in the park, turn to Elk Island and try not to get lost there.

East - Izmailovsky Park and Forest Park

Izmailovo is high spruce trees and clean air, uncut summer fields, where after a run you can collect a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Many cyclists ride along asphalt paths, if you want to get away from people, turn onto the forest path of the forest park, where no one will interfere with running and thinking.

A small but cozy park. Lucky for those who live nearby. Build a route along the Churilikha River or run along the gravel paths of shady alleys - you can choose for a long time, but it is better to combine.

South - Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve

For walks along Kolomenskoye, guidebooks are made, because there are several ancient churches in the park, the palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and mysterious ravines - it's great that you can see everything on the run and at the same time practice uphill running.

Southwest - Bitsevsky forest

If you are tired of running on flat terrain and neat paths, then you can train cross-country running here - it will be an excellent preparation for trails.

In the rhythm of the city: Moscow's best jogging parks

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Why is it worth changing the asphalt to jogging through fields and forests?

West - Filyovsky Park, Suvorov Park and Krylatsky Hills

Boring relief, the smell of pine trees, mischievous squirrels and views of the river are the main attributes of jogging in this area. Be careful in Krylatskoye: cyclists often train there, so it's better to run on the side of the road and without headphones.

North-West - Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo2 Park

The winding paths of the small park will not let you get bored, and the sun rising between the pines will make you fall in love with this place once and for all.

Center - Zaryadye Park

Most of the large parks are located on the outskirts of the city - this is both good because the air is cleaner, there are fewer tourists, and it’s bad, because it’s far to get there, and they also scare you with stories about maniacs. Therefore, if you want to run somewhere in the center, choose Zaryadye Park. It is small, so we recommend that you make a route, for example, along the river embankments with a finish in Zaryadye.

In the rhythm of the city: Moscow's best jogging parks

Photo: Leonid Sorokin, press Stride store service

The park is practically empty in the morning, so no one will bother you to do special running exercises on the stairs and a beautiful selfie against the backdrop of the Moskva River.

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