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In the footsteps of Basta. Why do stars buy sports clubs?

Not so long ago, rap artist Vasily Vakulenko, known as Basta, became the new owner of the Rostov football club SKA. The musician literally saved the team, which was barely making ends meet. In two weeks of leadership, he has already managed to cover all the old debts to the players and employees, additionally invest 10 million rubles from his personal funds and find new inverstors - RT-Capital and the government of the Rostov region.

Basta was born and raised in Rostov-on-Don, has been rooting for CSKA all his life. Therefore, he simply could not remain indifferent to the fate of the club from his small homeland. Basil's act is not the only one of its kind. Foreign stars have long picked up the trend to acquire sports clubs or become their shareholders. So why are they doing this?

Support of the team from their hometown

Not only Vakulenko was worried about the fate of the team close to childhood. British singer Elton John was born in a suburb of Watford and has always dreamed of the football club of the same name playing in the Premier League and reaching unprecedented heights. Therefore, in 1976, the musician bought Watford, significantly improving his business. Thanks to Elton, the team entered the first division at that time. And ten years later, when John had already managed to sell the club, he had to return and save the players from failures and bankruptcy. Sir John currently does not own Watford, but he holds an honorary presidency.

The decision of both musicians to support the place where they were born definitely commands respect. After all, when acquiring a losing team, no one will say for sure whether it will recoup the investment or incur even more costs. For example, Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith successfully bought a stake in the Philadelphia Seventi 76ers basketball team, and the rapper Jay-Z - Brooklyn Nets. But Robbie Williams was less fortunate - the singer from Britain took over the leadership of Port Vale and gave a lot of money. Despite Williams' help and faith in the best, the team did not bring him major victories or profits.

In the footsteps of Basta. Why do stars buy sports clubs?

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Investing in a sports club as a business decision

If we are talking, of course, not about teams on the brink of bankruptcy. Guided by the opportunity to generate big profits over time, Matthew McConaughey teamed up with entrepreneurs Brian Sheffield and Eddie Morgan to create Austin Football Club. Yes, right from scratch.

QuestionIn the opinion that US football is not as popular all over the world as European football, it still brings a lot of money due to its demand on the North American continent. In addition, if the team makes it to the MLS, then investors are compensated for their investment according to the club's success in the season. Other elite leagues are no exception and generate a lot of income. Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Mark Anthony were probably guided by this principle when they became co-owners of the Miami Dolphins in 2009.

In the footsteps of Basta. Why do stars buy sports clubs?

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Raising your reputation and fan base

You may still find the purchase of sports clubs by show business stars amazing. An even more interesting case is when an American basketball player invests in an English football team. In 2011, the current Los Angeles Lakers forward (then the Miami Heat) LeBron James became a shareholder in Liverpool. An NBA player paid $ 6.5 million for 2% of the club's shares. And this is far from a gamble, but a smart move.

Liverpool is a world-famous club with a strong influence on sports trends. And James is the first player in the world who, at the height of his career, took such initiative in relation to another sport. With a loud act, LeBron aroused the interest of football fans in his person and won their favor.

In the footsteps of Basta. Why do stars buy sports clubs?

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Buying a sports team as entertainment

A journalist and commentator has ventured into a sports adventure Vasily Utkin , becoming the owner of the Moscow amateur club Egrisi. Otherwise, this act really cannot be called. Few people heard the name of the team before Utkin began to promote it on the Internet and search for sponsors. To arouse interest in the players, Vasily began filming Egrisi's show and publishing it on his YouTube channel.

By the way, the new owner still does not pay the players, and the maintenance of a young team costs him about 600 thousand rubles annually. This year, Egrisi won in the First Division of the North-East Administrative District, which made her a way to the Top Division, and entered the AFL Amateur League.

There can be many reasons why show business and sports stars buy sports clubs. It doesn't matter if they are associated with disinterested help to a dying team, personal gain or an adventure that is beyondsets variety into everyday routine. The main thing is that the primary focus of players and viewers remains on the quality of the game, and not on the powerful owners.

In the footsteps of Basta. Why do stars buy sports clubs?

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