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In search of motivation: 10 news from the world of healthy lifestyle

2018 has just begun, but it has already brought with it a lot of fresh news for sports fans. Do you want to try something new because familiar things are bored or outdated? To start practicing for sure from tomorrow, you need to find serious motivation. The latest developments or an inspiring role model will help to facilitate the path to the cherished goal both physically and psychologically.

Looks for everything ... 30

A new record has been set in the Guinness Book of Records: Wendy Ida - the oldest fitness instructor. At 65, she lights up one hundred percent, but looks 30. The secret, of course, is in movement. Before I discovered sports, my life was hectic, ”says Wendy. She has reached incredible heights in bodybuilding, and worked at the coaching staff of a football club in Los Angeles, and she will tell you everything about nutrition, and teach Pilates - in a word, a jack of all trades.

Raised the bar

Plank is an effective yet exhausting static exercise aimed at strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

In search of motivation: 10 news from the world of healthy lifestyle

Emphasis on the bar. Pumping abs for summer

Here's how to achieve the perfect figure, leaving only one exercise in the workout.

A new development called Plank Pad will help increase your endurance. A smartphone with a special game application is placed on this unstable surface. Leaning on the Plank Pad in the plank position, you need to lean slightly from side to side: your smartphone responds to every movement, and you avoid certain obstacles. This device will allow you to distract from counting seconds, the workout will fly by unnoticed, but at the same time more productive.

Extra weight that can be removed

Lace Up is an elastic equipment that replaces dumbbells and other weights that can be simply wrapped around an arm, leg, tennis racket, baseball bat and go for a run, in the pool and in general wherever your heart desires. In the meantime, the muscles will experience the full brunt of being, but this only makes you better - both strength and endurance will increase.

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Your own mini-gym

W8 Gym is a multifunctional equipment with which you can perform about 200 exercises for different muscle groups. This device fits under the bed without any problems. Externally, the inventory resembles a container in which you can place dumbbells or TRX loops. It turns out your own gym in miniature.

Compact bars

BaseBlocks is a foldable exercise machine that can be assembled in minutes. Outwardly, it resembles bars, but you can perform on it about 50various exercises for the muscles of the legs, core and upper body. Perhaps, such equipment is more suitable for people with experience in fitness, or athletes.

Dance floor in your own room

iDance app! will allow you to have fun and usefully, and for this it is not at all necessary to leave your room. Various types of dances, personal trainers (albeit virtual) and the opportunity to become a choreographer - all this is possible for the users of the application.

In search of motivation: 10 news from the world of healthy lifestyle


Yoga on your phone

Fit Star Yoga is an app for those who want to start yoga classes from scratch or continue their yoga classes at a more advanced level. Professional trainers will conduct classes using different methods and help you achieve the goal that you set for yourself. In addition, the application is constantly updated.

In search of motivation: 10 news from the world of healthy lifestyle


even easier

Massage roller Neofit Roller with a light movement of the hand is reduced to 10 cm when you need to take it with you, and expands to 30 cm when you want to use it. To do this, simply squeeze or stretch it with your hands. This roller helps relieve fatigue from muscles, increase the efficiency of body recovery and improve joint health.

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Unusual towel

Aquis is not a simple towel, and an ultra-absorbent towel. It absorbs moisture five times faster than cotton counterparts, which is convenient, for example, when drying hair. In short, you can dry your hair without using a hair dryer, which damages your hair by heating it up. The Aquis is very compact and can even fit into small sports bags.

We're not following the development of conventional hair towels. We made a discovery. Introducing Aquishair Towels and Turbans that let you straighten your hair from shaft to cuticle while fighting water fatigue, says the manufacturer.

No plastic, there is gymnastics

S'well Bottle offers stainless steel bottles for every taste and color. Maintaining water balance is doubly beneficial without the use of plastic materials, manufacturers say. The advantage of such a bottle is its ability to keep liquid cool despite external temperature conditions.

Now it is definitely inadmissible to postpone the matter indefinitely. If you think about it, it's not so hard to find motivation: sometimes it's enough to just buy new shoes. And new developments are a new challenge to yourself. Go ahead.

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