How coronavirus is making Olympic athletes train under quarantine

In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

Every day, the coronavirus is causing more and more damage to professional sports. Many basketball and football clubs are already under quarantine as their players tested positive for COVID-19. Here are some of the athletes who were directly affected by the virus.

Rudy Gobert

The US National Basketball Association announced an emergency suspension for the 2019/2020 season on March 12. The report notes that the reason was the detection of coronavirus in one of the players. As it turned out later, the French center of Utah Jazz Rudy Gobert was infected.

Prior to the results of the analysis, the athlete in every possible way emphasized indifference to the epidemic. He touched the things of his teammates, specially touched the microphones with his hands at the press conference and laughed at the panic around.

After Gobert learned of the positive test results, he posted a big post on his Instagram and apologized to his fans. Rudy publicly repented and admitted his own actions as frivolous. He also promised that he would do everything in his power to prevent the spread of the virus.

Donovan Mitchell

Later, Gobert's teammate was diagnosed with the coronavirus. According to media reports, Utah star Donovan Mitchell was unhappy with his colleague's behavior, who probably infected him.

Yesterday, the basketball player recorded a video message for the fans, in which he thanked everyone for their support and encouraged the fans by announcing his good health. Days in isolation do not make Donovan happy: he plays video games every day, missing communication and what he loves.

In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

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In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

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Christian Wood

American sports reporter Shams Charania tweeted today that Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood has tested positive for COVID-19. The journalist added that the basketball player's illness is asymptomatic and he feels fine. So Wood became the third player in the league to be infected.

Detroit played against Utah in a regular season match a week agoand the NBA. Rudy Gobert also took part in the meeting, who, as it turned out, was already sick. Christian may have been infected by an enemy.

Daniele Rugani

On March 11, Juventus announced a positive coronavirus test result for defender Daniele Rugani.

On social media, the footballer commented on the situation and assured fans that everything is all right with him. He thanked the doctors and nurses at the hospitals who are doing everything in their power. The footballer also urged everyone to take precautions.

Now all Juventus club employees, including players , coaches, managers and accompanying persons were quarantined for two weeks. In addition, a list of people outside the team who have come into contact with Rugani is compiled.

Callum Hudson-Odoi

English club Chelsea went into quarantine after one of the players was found to have a coronavirus ... Soon after, infected midfielder Callum Hudson-Odoi reported that he had already recovered and was taking all precautions.

Chelsea's official website commented on the player's condition.

After this news, all club members and those who had contact with the athlete outside the field were quarantined.

In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

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In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

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Mikel Arteta

At the head coach Arsenal have also found a coronavirus. The entire core team and club staff are now in isolation at home. And the training center of the London club is closed.

Mikel did not hide the fact that the disease upset him ... But he plans to get back to work as soon as possible after he recovers.

Ezequiel Garay

Valencia's defender Ezequiel Garay wrote on his Instagram account today that he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The footballer's wife Tamara Gorro posted a video on the social network in which she publicly refused to be tested for coronavirus. According to the woman, she could have been infected for a long time, so let the people who really need it take the test.

Five more cases in Valencia

Later on the official website of Valencia they wrote that in totalrecorded five cases of infection among club members. All infected are at home, feeling good and observing security measures. The organization does not name the sick, but reports that the team players and coaches are sick. No virus was found in Russian Denis Cheryshev.

The coronavirus has already caused damage to world sports. In many countries, championships are canceled and postponed, teams are quarantined, and games are played without spectators. We can only hope that everything will work out soon: athletes will recover and fans will be able to come to the matches of their favorite clubs again.

Be healthy!

In quarantine: which of the athletes was diagnosed with coronavirus

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