53-year-old discoveres the secret to eternal youth with daily face exercises

In pursuit of eternal youth. What is face fitness?

In pursuit of eternal youth and beauty, people try all the means to which there is only access: tightening masks, anti-aging pills and elixirs, beauty injections, plastic surgery. But there is another equally popular way - face fitness. Nobody promises instant results, but if you do gymnastics regularly and for at least a month, you can give your skin a rested look.

Face fitness is a set of exercises for tightening the muscles and skin of the face oval, improving blood microcirculation, removing excess fluid and accelerating tissue regeneration.

According to legend, at the beginning of the twentieth century on one of the Theatrical performances, plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz was struck by the contrast between the toned body and the aging face of one famous ballerina. This motivated him to create the first set of facial gymnastics exercises. Today, followers supplement its database with their innovative ideas and sell thousands of copies of books on facial gymnastics.

Why does our skin start to age?

According to cosmetologists, the first signs of aging may appear as early as 25 years , and the further, the, alas, the worse: folds on the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the mouth, crow's feet, double chin - and all because the facial muscles lose their elasticity and firmness before the rest of the muscles of the body. Therefore, superficial care in the form of creams is not enough, you need to train your face.

Popular methods

Today, two methods are most popular - Carol Magio and Benita Cantieni. The first is based on the fact that the muscles of the face need to be pumped, increasing their volume (it will support the skin), but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise there is a great risk of disrupting the harmonious structure of the face. Kantieni teaches you to tidy up your posture first, and only then grab your face, and not pump muscles, but work them out in detail with massage.

Exemption from training

There are several contraindications to face training -fitness:

  • skin diseases;
  • acute diseases of the facial nerves;
  • neuropathy;
  • viral and acute ENT diseases;
  • violation of cerebral circulation;
  • grade 3 hypertension.

Others can start exercising regardless of age and condition of their facial muscles.

Build your exercise builder

Here are some simple exercises to help make your face fresher and fit. It must be performed in front of a mirror.

Face fitness is also a kind of sport, therefore the rules here are the same as for ordinary fitness: exercises will not work if you have a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, bad habits, poor posture and constant facial tension, for example, you need to wean yourself from frowning and grimacing less often.

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