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In hockey, you don't think with your head - there are instincts

In hockey, you don't think with your head - there are instincts

Alexander Sokolovsky in the Youth TV series

Photo: RIA Novosti

- What kinds of sports are you fond of?
- Hockey, football, running, swimming have been engaged since childhood, this is my sport. I got to the junior category and finished. In winter - snowboard, in summer - wakeboard. I try to find time, but usually there is none. Well, of course, the gym. Depending on the role, you have to gain muscle mass, then shed it, we constantly walk along such a parabola.

- Did you start playing hockey after your role in the TV series Youth or before?
- I played yard hockey before the Youth. Then I started playing in the Night Hockey League - there are many divisions, teams by level. Last year, for example, we flew to Sochi with a team and won our division. Everyone was surprised, since we didn't have a single professional hockey player in our squad.

- What kind of team?
- The team with which I flew to Sochi is called Komar is a team of artists. It was organized by producer Alexander Morozov and has a huge number of stars.

- What is special about hockey training?
- Hockey is a cool sport, it really changes you a little ... This is a sport for absolutely fearless people. No other sport has as many injuries as in hockey. In Sochi, for example, in the semifinals, I went under the puck. We won this match at the cost of part of my damage. They kicked my hip out and limped for four days. In hockey you don't think with your head, there are instincts - as soon as you immerse yourself in this game, reflex thinking starts and your fear goes away.

- Did you specifically practice hockey for the filming of the series?
- We were trained very seriously, almost the way an adult team is trained before the season, the so-called hockey training camp. We had ice three times a week, earth three times a week. The task was to put us on skates at least in a few months, so that we would understand in the frame what a puck is, how to throw it with a club, how to give a pass, see a partner, raise our head so that there is no misunderstanding during the filming.

In hockey, you don't think with your head - there are instincts

- What about your snowboarding hobby? How long did you choose between the board and skis?
- At the age of 11 I had an attempt to go downhill skiing and then until I was 25 I forgot and did not even remember about this business. I got my first snowboard when I was 25. I decided long ago that I would not get on the board until I bought the car. I could not imagine a situation when, having driven, all tired and wet, I was shaking in the train ( laughs ).

- What does it mean to you to ride a board?
- Snowboarding is a part of my culture, which appeared at about 14 years old. At that time, I began to devote a lot of time to hip-hop - not only music and dance, but also philosophy. He wore wide trousers, caps, bandanas, robes, duragi. Now I am 28 and I grew up a bit from the image of hip-hop culture, but stillI can sometimes afford to dress like that.

Snowboarding is a dream

- How do you see yourself when you are on the board?
- There are different types of snowboarding: simple skiing, freestyle (jumping on trampolines), jibbing (sliding on handrails, walls, etc.), freeride and off-piste skiing. And each direction has its own difficulties. I like stunt, I like jumping, for me it's a thrill - in ramps, in pyramids. The hardest part is catching coordination. In snowboarding, the body position is completely unusual, because in any winter sport you have a natural body position: you ride facing forward, and then you just need to catch balance. In snowboarding, you stand uncomfortably, it is unusual for the body, therefore it is difficult. The most difficult thing is to overpower yourself and move out once from start to finish, never falling.

In hockey, you don't think with your head - there are instincts

- How long have you been riding?
- I'm skating for the third season, but I'm being cunning. With my signature schedule called Months without Weekends, sometimes it just happens that there is no way to ride. If during the winter in the Moscow region I manage to get out at least ten times, I think that this is a good season. Last year for the first time in my life I learned what mountains are. I flew with friends to Sheregesh. This year for the first time in my life I learned what Krasnaya Polyana is. This is my first serious experience in the mountains, and, of course, after a tiny track in the suburbs, mountains are just space.

- Are there any idols among pro riders?
- I I think Travis Rice is the coolest snowboarder. A person perceives an extreme sport as a philosophy, as the meaning of life. For me, any business that you do, to which you give yourself completely, should fill you so much that you will not perceive it as a fan, it is much more. People who are snowboarding because they see the meaning of life in it is very cool. I saw the movie Phase Four with Travis and a whole new world opened up for me. Before that, I was snowboarding just because I liked it, but after this movie I left the hall as a different person and realized that snowboarding is something different for me.

The snowboarder's way is a bit special

- What are your impressions of Quiksilver New Star Camp?
- Very cool organization. A huge plus of this festival is that here you are completely disconnected from the outside world, from Moscow, to which you have to return and you will be flooded with worries and affairs. Everything is beautifully done here, as if you find yourself in a special world where skiers and snowboarders come, hang out, ride and have fun.

- Where have you already been?
- I went around almost all the tracks, looked in the park as pro riders perform all their tricks on the big air. Every time I look at a person who makes 6, 8 or even 3 turns, and I think: he may not land now. It's so tough, it's space for me, crazy guys

In hockey, you don't think with your head - there are instincts

- What about your plans for the future? RWhich sportsman would you like to play in a movie?
- Since I would not need a stunt double for swimming, I would gladly play one of the famous Soviet or Russian swimmers.

About a snowboarder, not I know how relevant this is with us, maybe something about Vic Wilde. I would really love to play the skater, especially after the Ice Age, in which I participated in the fall. Alexei Yagudin would have played one of the Soviet hotbeds. Figure skating is definitely our sport.

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