10 Signs That Older Single Women Are Interested In You

I'm not your grandmother: a pensioner who at 63 will give odds to anyone

Grandmothers are most often associated with pies, knitting and a measured pace of life. But gradually women, accustomed to age restrictions, realize that they can do anything, and the number of years here is not a hindrance. And we have a great role model - Leslie Maxwell, who at 63 looks twice her age and spends her free time in the gym.

New life after 40

Hard to believe, but Leslie began to get involved in sports only at the age of 48. At that time she was going through a divorce from her husband. Exhausting training and strenuous exercise helped her throw out all the anger that had accumulated towards the ex-spouse. Although Leslie previously worked as a makeup artist, she was not indifferent to sports.

How to stay in shape at retirement age?

Leslie has not only put herself in great shape, but has also become a professional fitness coach. Until now, the woman has a strict sports regimen - five workouts per week for an hour. The main exercises are deadlifts, squats, abs, and chest press. In addition, the Australian gave up junk food to the maximum. According to Leslie, she feels much happier now than she did when she was young because she is proud of her body.

I'm not your grandmother: a pensioner who at 63 will give odds to anyone

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Maxwell also developed her author's fitness -program Bring Your Sexy Back, designed for men and women over 40 years old who re-believe in themselves.

Leslie often participates in sports competitions, she has about 30 victories, including in bodybuilding competitions .

Leslie is convinced that sports have a positive effect on the well-being and appearance in everyone age.
It is not surprising that such changes in appearance had a positive effect on her personal life. Men who are younger by a couple of decades began to pay attention to Maxwell. But the grandmother has nothing against attention from the opposite sex and is always glad to receive such compliments.

The body is a family matter

An athlete is raising three grandchildren. One of them is a popular blogger with 100 thousand followers on Instagram. Tia followed in her grandmother's footsteps at a young age: she spends a lot of time in the gym and often trains under the guidance of Leslie herself.

Tia's tape mainly consists of exercises and selfies from classes. But the video, where the granddaughter and grandmother trained, made a splashtogether, the latter clearly surpassed its successor in some exercises.

I'm not your grandmother: a pensioner who at 63 will give odds to anyone

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Leslie also blogs on Instagram, where she often accompanies photos with motivating statements.

Of course, you won't be able to achieve a body like Leslie's right away - it's the result of hard work over 15 years.
But the sooner you start, the faster you will become owners of the desired shape and the cherished cubes.

I'm not your grandmother: a pensioner who at 63 will give odds to anyone

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I'm not your grandmother: a pensioner who at 63 will give odds to anyone

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